REVIEW: Purifying mask by Lavera

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One of my biggest beauty sins is that I don’t use facial masks regularly. I’m a lazy ass. More or less, I have a stable morning and night beauty routine: I always use day and night creme, always remove my makeup with cleansing milk, use a serum, an eye-cream … and so on. But I often forget about the mask. I always want to use it before I wash my hair but after a busy day, I remember my plans when I am already out of the bath. Since I want to be kinder to my skin, I decided to try out some facial masks and make it a habit. First, here is a purifying mask by Lavera – a brand that sells natural cosmetics, it doesn’t test on animals and offers vegan cosmetics. I actually started of pretty good:) Why?

Chocolate and Pistachio Vegan Muffins

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It has been a while since I’ve posted a recipe. Mostly because I haven’t had much time to cook and finding time to try our recipes has been a challenge. These days, I have a bit more free time than usual and I decided to try out something new. I love that sweet and salty combinations, so I decided to mix two of my favourite flavours, pistachio and chocolate.

Granola over and over again

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After a while, I decided to make my favourite breakfast again. Time kind of stops in December. I find myself not caring as much about my college obligations as I should and instead of that, I want to meet my friends, take some time for myself, bake something good, spend an evening wrapped in a warm blanket, watching a movie. It feels like I have time to do anything. Even time to slowly eat breakfast for a change 🙂

Peanut Butter Vegan Brownie Dreams

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peanut butter brownies

I think it’s been half a year since I made vegan brownies for the first time. The reasons are usually a party and the fact I have silken tofu in the kitchen that is just before expiry date. Well the old brownie recipe was definitely worth visiting, but I decided for a bit different version than the first one. This one is much more peanut-buttery and it has a really really full taste. Something between chocolate bread and a cup of hot chocolate. These brownies are the only food that includes tofu that made my boyfriend say: You should really make these more often 🙂

pink cake pops

Let’s Learn How To Make Cake Pops!

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Let me clear something important first 🙂 This is not a recipe or instructions how to make cake pops. This is just a post about my decision to learn how to make cake pops and my first steps. Through time, I will post some more photos, and hopefully become better and better, until I’m able to do something like this:

cake pops

star shaped muffins

Chocolate Star Banana Vegan Muffins

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I’ve been having this association with bananas lately …

Well, this post won’t be about this cute yellow beings (even though you have to see the movie! ;)) It will be about something most of us also adore. Food! 😀 To be more specific, muffins. I know it’s been a long time since I posted a recipe, but I have some more I want to share with you. Some are just waiting to repeat them so I can take photos of the final product before we eat it all. Well, I didn’t allow anyone to eat before I took photos of these. It’s actually an adaptation of my Banana Bread Recipe, but I think it works excellent with muffins. It has fruit in it so technically, they can be classified as breakfast

star shaped muffins

black forest vegan muffin

Black Forest Vegan Muffins

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Muffins are finally back on my plate. I think I haven’t bake any since my birthday! Looks like I’ve been really busy, and the number of times I decided to buy a muffin in a store dramatically increased. Of course, nothing compares to your own home baked sweets. And when I got some sweet blueberries and raspberries – the forest kind, not the store bought of frozen – I just had to make something even sweeter 🙂

Grains and vegetables

Eat your grains

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Grains and vegetables

Not long ago, I bought a box of “Three grains”. It’s a mixture of spelt, barley and rice and it’s one of the most interesting and practical foods I’ve bought recently. If I would buy them separately, I’m 100 % that at least one of the grains would go bad. I tend to forget about food in my kitchen a lot. 🙂 But with all of them in one box, the possibility or forgetting is smaller.

raw cake

Very Chocolate, Very Berry, Very Raw Cake

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wild berries and chocolate

Mum celebrated her birthday this week and luckily, the cake was prepared before I had my wisdom teeth pulled out. So this was one good good sweet before I went on an short (soy ice-cream) diet for a few days. We hadn’t made this cake in quite a while and I have no idea why not. Oh wait I do know. It’s not so easy to make if you don’t have a good blender. Which we don’t and we always spend a lot of time trying to properly mix the ingredients. If the technology is your friend, then you are good.

Vegan in the making

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chocolate heart

Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend and that you are spending this Sunday the best way you can 🙂

I’ve been experimenting with vegan food a lot for the last year and I’ve spent whole April as 99,9 % vegan. It was an interesting experience, trying out many different foods and recipes, luckily succeeding at most and burning a few. I lost a few pounds, my skin got better … the only thing I didn’t like was checking out the labels of so many products. At the end of April, I was so used to eating only vegan foods, that I just didn’t feel the need for cheese, milk chocolate, coffee with cream, all in all everything I thought it will cause me problems through last month. And I decided to stick to it more or less. Even though I’m still adapting to the switch and I’ve eaten few things, that are just vegetarian, I must say that following plant-based diet isn’t so hard as I expected.