Winter trip ideas: BLED

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I can’t believe that this is the fifth blogmas post! Time flies by so fast and before we know it, it will be Christmas. Since we already saw the first snow in Slovenia and the temperatures are quite cold, I decided to go on a trip to the beautiful winter wonderland – Bled. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, as it is one of the most famous Slovenian touristic destinations and for a good reason: come on, this place looks like something from a fairy-tale! If you have the opportunity, I would recommend you to visit Bled on a workday. I visited it on Monday and I hardly met anyone on the way around the lake! Everything was so calm an peaceful in comparison to summer and weekends. I didn’t expect that but I was pleasantly surprised :). And so was my boyfriend who hates the crowds 😀 All in all, it was a perfect winter walk. No need for festive music, stands, mulled wine. Just nature…and well, a ”kremšnita” (one of the best Slovenian desserts) is a must :).

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Rome in September

Rome for students (or anyone else who wants to travel on a budget and get the best experience)

rome colloseum.JPGI’ve always dreamed of visiting Rome, and since I’ve started working in a museum, even more. And when I found out that Ryanair flies to Rome from Trieste (less than 2 hours away from Ljubljana), I had to book the tickets. Me and my boyfriend found a cozy room in a guesthouse with a shared bathroom and kitchen near the main station, close to the center of the city and the main attractions.

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The beautiful Rovinj

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved to visit Croatia in the summer. I love the islands with the clearest water, I love the seaside towns, I love the beautiful nature. This year, I decided to go on a longer vacation than usual. I’ve spend almost two weeks (yeah I know it’s not that long, but for a girl that hasn’t spent more than 5 days at the seaside for the last 10 years, it is) in a camp in Istria, near Novigrad. But I can’t be at one place for too long, I decided to go on a one day trip to a lovely town by the coast, I’ve wanted to visit for a while – Rovinj.

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Discovering Slovenia

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I’ve travelled a lot during the spring months, so I decided to save some money in the summer and discover the beautiful Slovenian mountain side. Plane tickets will be cheaper in September:). Even though Slovenia is a small country it has a lot to offer and during this trip I found some new favourite spots. My journey started at the national reserve Zelenci, so early that there was almost no one there = extremely early for me.

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My sunny trip to London

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I have been on a ˝study break˝ from blogging the last couple of weeks and now I have so many things I want to tell you about!:) Before the exams started, I visited London, probably one of my favourite cities in the world. Why do I love travellling there? Well, maybe I’m lucky, but whenever I visit, it rarely rains. The temperatures are nice and the sun shines. And it’s never too crowded. Yes, there are a lot of people at the underground stations and touristic sights but otherwise, it doesn’t feel like you are always in a crowd. Or maybe it’s just because the people are so polite and always apologize if they bump in to you. It’s just beautiful.

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The most hipster coffee in Ljubljana

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Sunny days are back in Ljubljana and that means we can finally sit outside while drinking coffee or my currently favourite chai latte. It seemed like an appropriate time to start my discovery of Ljubljana’s best places with USE-IT map again. Now, I wanted to find places near college, but not the usual cafes I’ve been visiting for the last four years. They are great,but I had to find something new.

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It was about time to visit a new town. Last week a flew to Amsterdam and it was my first airplane ride alone, so I’m pretty proud of myself to find the right terminal, gate and get there and back:). I was staying at my friends place in a campus, so I wasn’t feeling like a tourist, if you ignore the fact I took photos every 5 minutes.

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