Valentine’s Day on a budget

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It’s true, us girls like to be a bit spoiled sometimes. Even though we say we don’t need any gifts on Valentine’s day, we know we want them, we just don’t want to say that. And I think most of us like to give gifts too, the only problem with this whole thing is money. Especially if you are in high school or a student, maybe you are looking for a job and you just can’t afford something expensive. Yes, you would love to buy your loved ones everything they want, but that is usually not possible. And I think we tend to appreciate that gifts that come from the heart – in that case the price definitely doesn’t matter. I gathered some gift ideas that won’t empty out your wallet.

oil based products

Oil-Based Cosmetics for Colder Days


oil based products

This is a post for all of you who have a fear of colder days and central heating (but still can’t resist a good snowball fight, no matter what age;)). The reason: dry skin and all of the problems that come along. When I was a kid I spend the winter with completely red, itchy, cracked hands covered in thick layers of creme, mixed in a pharmacy. Things got better with age but my hands still have a bit more visible structure (nice expression for lots of fine lines) and my skin still falls into dry category, which involves some scaling, itching and red (or sometimes even grey) patches. Fortunately for us, the people of summer, oil-based product are a big hit now. Coconut, argan, almond … oil can be found in many products and there are many recipes making it able to mix natural cosmetics in your kitchen. After some help from Google and shopping trips, I can finally say I’m ready for winter and all of it’s pros and cons. 🙂