Guest post: Baking with Barbara and Klemen

The last guest post of this week is a bit different. Barbara and Klemen have been talking so long about making videos! So when they offered to do a guest post and shoot a video, I was really happy. Check out their recipe for tiramisu here! Thank you Barbara and Klemen 🙂

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Happy Pancake Day 2017

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I always forget about Pancake day and find out on which day it is when it is already here. So today I have a quick and simple recipe for everyone who want to celebrate Pancake day with…pancakes! And I added some of the most mouth-watering photos of pancakes to make you think about all possible variations and combinations.

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vegan chocolate pretzels

Secret Ingredient Pretzels

vegan pretzels

Pia’s bakery is back in business, taking care of her best customers: her family, boyfriend and friends. Who ever gets to the kitchen first. 🙂 I baked these pretzels for a road trip but … Well there were no more left when we got in the car. I think that self control isn’t possible when the kitchen smells of fresh baked goodies.

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making vegan croissants

Vegan Surprise Croissants

vegan croissants with chocolate filling

To be honest, I was kind of scared of making vegan croissants. Slovenia has a lot of good bakeries with very delicious croissants, I visited Paris in autumn and I consider France as the homeland of croissants … My expectations were very high and as I’m trying to make and eat more and more vegan meals, I’m always afraid that they won’t turn out as good as their ”usual” versions. And the little voice in my head says I don’t have the time and energy to change my eating habits. The truth is no, I don’t have time, but I have the energy. If I don’t make any huge changes overnight that would probably lead to spending hours and hours in stores, looking for the right foods to eat, I have time. Maybe it will take a year, maybe two, but I will figure everything out. Maybe I’ll even stop occasionally craving cheese (and ending up ordering a huge pizza). I have to say to myself that everybody can’t become vegan overnight. Some need months, some years, but if there’s will, there’s a way. Even if a pile of gauda in standing in the way :).

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peanut butter and chocolate muffin 8

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Swirly Muffins


I’m a little bit late with this post, but most of you probably remember (maybe a bit blurry:)) that people around the world were celebrating Halloween on Friday. In Slovenia, Halloween in mostly celebrated by students, as it gives us a good excuse for a party, but it’s actually a new thing around here. I don’t know if Slovenian kids nowadays go trick or treating, at least I’ve never heard a knock on the door. And why is it like that? Why don’t kids around here go trick or treating? Well, it has nothing to do with health or not wanting them to eat too much candy :). We actually have another holiday, when every kid and a lot of students and grown ups dress up. It’s on different date every year, I think it has something to do with the date of Easter which also changes each year, and the best thing is it lasts more then one day, as there are different events through the week. It’s named Pust and it celebrates the passing of the winter and beginning of spring. And on this holiday, kids go from house to house, where people give them candy and sometimes some change. Which is really nice if you come from a small village, I loved that holiday when I was a kid, and even now it’s more likely that I’ll dress up for Pust than for Halloween.

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Choco-Coco Vegan Pie



I’ve had these two gorgeous pie plates for about a year now, but they were just stuck in the cupboard, waiting for the perfect moment. And the inspiration finally appeared in France, where I saw a lot of mini pies, beautifully decorated and even more tasty. I got home and … Oh look! The coconut butter expires in 5 days! Let’s use it while I still can without worrying about stomach problems!:) I did some internet research to find inspiration no. 2 – some vegan pie recipes. After all, his was the first (I’m not kidding, first) time I was baking a pie and I had no clue what options I had. And I felt like eating chocolate and raspberries, one of my favorite dessert combinations. So after I got a feel what I can do and what to do to make this pie delicious I got to work and made a mess out of my kitchen but oh well, the result was worthy of all the cleaning up. And I have a dishwasher 🙂

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