The beautiful Rovinj

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved to visit Croatia in the summer. I love the islands with the clearest water, I love the seaside towns, I love the beautiful nature. This year, I decided to go on a longer vacation than usual. I’ve spend almost two weeks (yeah I know it’s not that long, but for a girl that hasn’t spent more than 5 days at the seaside for the last 10 years, it is) in a camp in Istria, near Novigrad. But I can’t be at one place for too long, I decided to go on a one day trip to a lovely town by the coast, I’ve wanted to visit for a while – Rovinj.

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AZ Lanzarote collection and dreams of summer


What are the little things that make you dream about summer? Is it the scent of sunscreen and pine trees? The feeling of salt on your skin? The sound of waves or the song that reminds you of the first time you went to the seaside with your friends? Wind messing with your hair? Or is it your favourite summer dress or pair of bikinis? Maybe it’s just a pattern or a colour that reminds you of summer?

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Summer Festival Essentials


I’m one of those girls who would rather spend more money on bras and lingerie than a classic pair of jeans. Beautiful lingerie can make you feel great about yourself and gives you confidence. Sometimes it’s a shame to cover it up and summer temperatures offer the perfect opportunity to show what we are hiding in our underwear drawer. Since summer is filled with festivals I prepared an outfit I would definitely take with me. You only need 5 pieces of clothing to create three looks that will get you in the summer festival mood – two lace bralettes, a silk slip, a long skirt and a jacket. Of course, there are also accessories: flowers, bracelets, rings, flip flops… Life is better in flip flops, right?

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Summer and Afrodita Cosmetics

Have you ever tried out tanning ˝jams˝, or as we call it in Slovenia, ˝Marmelada˝. I wanted to try it out last year but it was sold out everywhere and I gave up on the search quick. This year, I was prepared and I looked for it in the beginning of summer.

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What a Cute Life


Okay, I know I’ve been neglecting my blog too much because of my studies, but I’ll make it up this month, I promise :). I’ve wanted to write this post for a while, but something always got in my way. But now, my schedule is slowly getting more social-life friendly and I also have time to tell you about some things that happened to me this summer.


Okay, it wasn’t all about college, I spent some time relaxing on the beach, traveling and discovering new places. But still, I blame my work for college

As some of you may found out on my Instagram or my Facebook page, I’ve became part of Cute Life team. I’m taking care of our YouTube channel along with my friend Barbara from First Blue Shoes and also writing some articles. And of course, having a lot of fun! 🙂

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Fashion Week Zagreb

Seeing one fashion week each season isn’t enough, don’t you think so? Luckily, I live only two hours away from Zagreb, so it seemed reasonable to start exploring fashion over the border there. Me and my friend Barbara went there on a boring rainy Saturday afternoon to make our day a lot more fun. And we had an awesome evening, full of amazing dresses, beautiful people, pretty pictures and great energy around us. Fashion shows were all amazing, even though there were little similarities between them: some were very feminine, some more classy, some really provocative. The only things they had in common were great models, good music and of course, perfectly designed dresses (yeah, even Toni Rico’s provocative show, which involved a really small amount of clothes, was still awesome, despite the fact it was more connected with politics and culture than fashion).

Here are some flashbacks from that fun Saturday night (oh, and a video is coming soon:))

Je t’embrasse,


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Fashion Week

Finally! Here is my video from Slovenian Spring/Summer Fashion Week. The event held place in Kino Šiška from 14.-16. 10., but I really didn’t have time before to put together something I could be proud of:).  So go on and take a look at beautiful dresses, awesome shoes and gorgeous people! Oh, and let me know what you think about it:)

Je t’embrasse,


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Video from three days of fashion week. 
Fashion Week Aquafresh / Spring Summer 2014
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Video by: Pia Anžel (http://joiedevivreandcupcakes.wordpre…)
Music: Westlex (

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