Cocoa Locks – hot chocolate for hair growth

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…And is the effect as good as the taste?

cocoa locks

There has been a bunch of products for hair growth on the market lately. The famous MSM, gummy bears, hot chocolate, milkshake, different vitamins. And I definitely didn’t try them all :D. But I have tried some and I can compare Cocoa Locks to them. First, I tried some vitamins for hair and nails a few years ago. Partly because they contained vitamins vegetarians could lack, partly because my nails got fragile after high school and my hair weren’t as thick and strong as they used to be when I was younger. I blame it on the stress and the fact I lost a lot of weight when I was in high school. So yeah, I thought this vitamins would help. I was so wrong. I can’t remember the name of the brand, but it was an organic brand, the vitamins were supposed to be really natural etc. The effect was hardly seen and the thing I remember the most is how sick I was after them. If I didn’t eat a big (I mean really big) meal before I ate them, I felt extremely sick. They just weren’t the right thing for my stomach. Then there was MSM. The thing that had the effect. It really helped – when I was drinking it regularly. The problem was that it was a habit for a month, and then I forgot about MSM. And I started drinking it again…And quit a month or two later. I just couldn’t get used to the taste. I wanted to drink it every moment, but I just kept forgetting because..well…I didn’t like it. Do you forget to eat a piece of chocolate? Rarely. Do you forget to eat of drink something that you don’t like but is good for you? Can happen often. I just couldn’t make a habit out of drinking MSM.

Balea and hair removal

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I have always liked dm drogerie markt‘s brand Balea. It’s affordable (actually quite cheap) and also cruelty-free (that always makes me happy:)). And mostly quite good. Just like with any cosmetic brand with low prices, there are great stuff and there are not so great stuff. At least that is my opinion and I noticed this with almost every brand that makes me say: This is so cheap, I better take two! For example, I love eyeliners, nail polishes and lip liners by Essence Cosmetics, foundations, primers, powders and eyebrow shades by Catrice Cosmetics … and I have learned what fits me through years of trying out different make up. I was immediately attracted to Balea because of – PRICES! 😀

Review: my favourite eyeliner

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Putting on eyeliner always reminds me of memes like this one. Seems as making a pretty line above your eye with an eyeliner is rocket science. I had so many problems when I started – should the line be defined, or should I blur it out, should it be thick or thin, should the tail be long or short? But honestly, we are finding problems where there are none. You have to get used to everything, and just like with figuring out how to draw your eyebrows, contour your face or even put on mascara without ruining your eye shadow, it takes some practice. You have to find out which shapes fit your eyes and face, which brush is the right for you, even what colour is the one for you. I found my perfect eyeliner at the stand with Essence cosmetics.