From the seaside to the city

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You know I’m that kind of person who cries while packing those favourite bikinis back in the drawer. Summer is not a season for me, it’s my happy place, my inspiration, my escape from reality. I want to keep that summer feeling when autumn comes, when the leaves turn colour. But if everything goes the way I planned, the next few months will be quite busy for me, so buying a plane ticket and heading off to a tropical island isn’t possible (maybe next year :D). The only way I can sip a ”hugo” in my bikinis is next to a pool, so I had to find another easy way to keep my bikinis out of the drawer.

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OOTD: A weekend getaway


We woke up early last Saturday, as we had a new mattress delivered. Well, early for us, who like to sleep until at least 10 in the morning and had spend the last night playing Activity with friends…and went to bed an hour or two after midnight. Even though we were thinking about going to Bled or Bohinj, we decided to rest for another hour and then go to the seaside – but not just for a few hours, but for the whole weekend. One hour later, we were in a car, my parents said they will pick up Ida, and off to Portorož. Nothing planed out, we just went and spent two warm days by the sea. From time to time, we all need a change of environment and a break from busy schedule, right :)?

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OOTD: Autumn vibes


After a rainy September, when I thought the summer is completely over, came a warm and sunny October and with it time to put my rain boots back in the closet for a while. I kept the trench coats and over-the-knee boots though :). Even though I’m more of a summer person, I love the autumn colours, I adore how the leaves change colour and sitting in the sun while watching the beautiful nature. I love the evenings in the city, eating chestnut and just walking around not so crowded streets. I love how my hair and clothes flow in the wind. I love autumn sunsets. And I definitely love this autumn outfit.

Dress: Zara
Choker: Zaful
Boots: Deichmann

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