From the seaside to the city

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You know I’m that kind of person who cries while packing those favourite bikinis back in the drawer. Summer is not a season for me, it’s my happy place, my inspiration, my escape from reality. I want to keep that summer feeling when autumn comes, when the leaves turn colour. But if everything goes the way I planned, the next few months will be quite busy for me, so buying a plane ticket and heading off to a tropical island isn’t possible (maybe next year :D). The only way I can sip a ”hugo” in my bikinis is next to a pool, so I had to find another easy way to keep my bikinis out of the drawer.

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Ballerina? No. Dancer? Always.

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One more post full of beautiful photos by Hristina Trajkoska. This time, I’m wearing my ballet shoes, so it won’t be a classical outfit post, but more of a ”thank you” post, dedicated to all those years of dancing. I’ve never really been good at most of the sports – I liked them, I just wasn’t s good as I wanted to be…I was never the athletic type I guess:). With dancing, it was so different – I loved it, I understood it, I was also quite good at it. So it was a sport that’s stayed me through all the years, it’s been the escape during the exams, it’s been the thing that makes a bad day good. My relationship to sports changed in the last years, as there was no pressure – I didn’t worry about the bad grade at volleyball, I didn’t feel pressured to run a kilometer in a few minutes. I just started doing the things I liked and I found out why was dancing so important to me – I never felt the pressure, I just did it. When I started, there were no grades, and when the time for the competitions and performances came, I didn’t care. I loved it. There were some nervous feelings, but they couldn’t stop me from doing what I love. I haven’t thought of dancing professionally since I was ten, but it’s more than a hobby. It’s just who I am. 

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OOTD: Alice in wonderland


Even a cold grey day can be magical, with a help of great photographer, photogenic animals and a botanic garden. I wanted to do some photos with this sweater for a while, it’s probably one of my favourite ones. Once again, the second hand sweaters seem to fit me the best :).

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OOTD and my cozy little corner

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We all have that cozy part of our house or apartment we just love. Where we feel the most relaxed, the most comfortable, the most creative…and for me it’s also a part I manage to keep clean :D. And I plan on decorating it with some prints and illustrations soon :). There’s also a small #ootd included in this post. I feel so good in faux-leather leggings and knitwear. It’s comfortable, feminine, casual but not too usual. Just me.

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My favourite winter sweater by Barbara Vavtar

Z vami sem želela deliti blogerke in instagramerke s super stilom, zato sem jih nekaj povabila, da napišejo ”guest post”. Blogmas se mi je zdel najboljša priložnost, da z vami delim njihove misli in fotografije. Zdaj je čas za zadnjo objavo (že!!!), ki jo je ustvarila Barbara:) Hvala!

P.s. Glede na to, da je ta objava v slovenščini, bom izkoristila to ”šanso” in sporočila, da bodo od januarja naprej vse objave na mojem blogu napisane v angleščini IN slovenščini (tako da že hitim obnavljat slovnična pravila) 😀

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Imate tudi vi dneve, ko se zbudite in imate občutek, da vam nekaj manjka? Da bi potrebovali ‘odklop’? Meni se to zgodi skoraj vsak drugi dan😊 Takrat v sebi čutim ogromno željo po morskem zraku, po sončnih žarkih in toplino, saj je morje moj vitamin. Ko sem se nazadnje zopet zbudila s tistim občutkom, sem poklicala svojo prijateljico Niko, in odpravili sva se proti obali. Ona je vedno moj partner in crime, skupaj sva pravi duo zmešnjave, smeha in norih dogodivščin.

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My favourite winter sweater by Happy Nami

I really wanted to share with you some bloggers and instagramers with a great sense of style, so I decided to invite a few of them to write a guest postBlogmas seemed like a great opportunity to share their thoughts and photos with you. Now it’s time for our sixth blogmas guest post (and it’s not the last one!)! Let’s see what Tadeja – Happy Nami wrote about her winter style. Thank you, Tadeja

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​When I spotted the “My favourite winter jumper” posts on Pia’s blog I was super excited, because who doesn’t love a good winter jumper, right? I was even more thrilled about the fact that I was now going to become part of Pia’s Blogmas.

So, dear Pia’s readers here is my Favourite Winter Jumper. I hope you will like it!

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