Valentine’s Day on a budget

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It’s true, us girls like to be a bit spoiled sometimes. Even though we say we don’t need any gifts on Valentine’s day, we know we want them, we just don’t want to say that. And I think most of us like to give gifts too, the only problem with this whole thing is money. Especially if you are in high school or a student, maybe you are looking for a job and you just can’t afford something expensive. Yes, you would love to buy your loved ones everything they want, but that is usually not possible. And I think we tend to appreciate that gifts that come from the heart – in that case the price definitely doesn’t matter. I gathered some gift ideas that won’t empty out your wallet.

Shower with Lush


I’m an unintentional spoiled brat when it comes to shower gels, shampoos, body lotions, face creams … My skin decided to ignore my wallet and it’s pleased only with natural, non-aggressive products. Otherwise it gets itchy,  dry, a bit red, and consequently, I get annoying and moody. Not wanting to lose all my friends, I treat my skin kind and buy quality product instead of another gorgeous dress, even though I really want to.