From the seaside to the city

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You know I’m that kind of person who cries while packing those favourite bikinis back in the drawer. Summer is not a season for me, it’s my happy place, my inspiration, my escape from reality. I want to keep that summer feeling when autumn comes, when the leaves turn colour. But if everything goes the way I planned, the next few months will be quite busy for me, so buying a plane ticket and heading off to a tropical island isn’t possible (maybe next year :D). The only way I can sip a ”hugo” in my bikinis is next to a pool, so I had to find another easy way to keep my bikinis out of the drawer.

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My Favourite Place for a Morning Walk


Most of us love travelling to new places, discovering new cultures and cities, meeting new people. I was always attracted to places far away, somewhere I have never been before and that indescribable desire of extending your travels, leave everything behind and just starting a life somewhere unknown to you. But even though I can’t imagine living in only one country my whole life, I adore Slovenia, discovering its hidden places and even though I have been living in Ljubljana, the capital, for four years now, I think I haven’t found everything there is to see in this small town.

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