Easy Chocolate Souffle

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Chocolate soufflé – the one dessert I always wanted to try out, but heard so many times how hard it is to bake it. I didn’t want to fail and end up spending one hour to clean the oven :D. Well, I made the notorious chocolate soufflé for the third time yesterday. I’m definitely not a soufflé professional, but now I have a simple recipe. Yes, I failed once, when I was trying to get the perfect amount of ingredients for two or a small group of friends 😀 But now, I have a simple recipe, inspired by the one on this page (and probably many other recipes I found while searching for the easiest one:)). My version is for 2-3 people (or just for one, depending on how hungry you are:)). And it’s really simple, no special ingredients, the hardest part is separating egg whites and yolks :). All you need is:

 2 eggs
75g of dark chocolate
50g of butter
50g of caster sugar
40g of flour

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Choco-Coco Vegan Pie



I’ve had these two gorgeous pie plates for about a year now, but they were just stuck in the cupboard, waiting for the perfect moment. And the inspiration finally appeared in France, where I saw a lot of mini pies, beautifully decorated and even more tasty. I got home and … Oh look! The coconut butter expires in 5 days! Let’s use it while I still can without worrying about stomach problems!:) I did some internet research to find inspiration no. 2 – some vegan pie recipes. After all, his was the first (I’m not kidding, first) time I was baking a pie and I had no clue what options I had. And I felt like eating chocolate and raspberries, one of my favorite dessert combinations. So after I got a feel what I can do and what to do to make this pie delicious I got to work and made a mess out of my kitchen but oh well, the result was worthy of all the cleaning up. And I have a dishwasher 🙂

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