Nescafe Dolce Gusto: pros and cons

dolce gusto1

A post dedicated to coffee lovers seems appropriate before the beginning of another working week. If you can’t imagine starting the day without coffee, you might be interested in what I have to say about Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines after using one for almost one year. I got used to coffee makers while I was living with my friends – one of them had an Illy espresso machine. And it was the best coffee I had ever tried in my life. When I moved away, I usually made really strong black coffee (turkish coffee), especially during the exams, but it was a bit too strong for my stomach and I didn’t feel good if I drank it too often. So I started looking for alternatives. I never liked the taste of instant coffee, and let’s face it, some of the instant coffee mixtures are more sugar than coffee. I remembered that some of my friends had Dolce Gusto coffee machines at home and that I loved that kind of coffee. It took me some time to find some good prices and I found Dolce Gusto OBLO, which also got a design award in 2015, and was on discount, so I bought it on this site for around 50-60 euros. And for the capsules, I bought them here – cheaper than in a grocery store:).

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AZ Lanzarote collection and dreams of summer


What are the little things that make you dream about summer? Is it the scent of sunscreen and pine trees? The feeling of salt on your skin? The sound of waves or the song that reminds you of the first time you went to the seaside with your friends? Wind messing with your hair? Or is it your favourite summer dress or pair of bikinis? Maybe it’s just a pattern or a colour that reminds you of summer?

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The cutest slippers

I know I have been away lately, but I got some great news I would love to share with you – I got a job at the City Museum! So I had to dedicate the last few weeks to learning a billion new stuff about history and communication, and now, I am preparing for the exam I have to take to start guiding groups around the museum. But I just have to take some breaks to write something here, right?:)

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A Creative Workspace For Creative Souls


I may have mentioned before that this year, I’m moving on my own. I spent most of this summer redecorating an old apartment and for the first time, I had no limitations (well, only the finance related ones :)). For the first time, I have no old furniture that the landlord wants to keep, I have no problems with investments as I don’t plan to change the place I live each year that I study … and I can finally have a big comfy bed! More about that later, for now I’ll talk about workspaces. Mine is still in the making, but here is a small preview of my little corner. And along with it, some photos that are currently inspiring me and giving me ideas about what I want my workspace to look like.

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Happy Jackson You're Lovely Coaster

It’s a Beautiful Thing

Happy Jackson Things Babushka

We all need some colour in our lives. Weather it’s on our clothes, on our cup of coffee, on our lips or in our notebooks. It makes your day better and brighter, every (yes, even the most boring) thing becomes at least a bit more fun. Imagine reading your college notes without some colourful markers, I get lost in a minute. Colour gives us focus, energy and strength.

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cotton tote bag gift

At the Opening of Babushka Boutique


Babushka Boutique opened its doors last week on Stari trg 18, Ljubljana. The old part of town is just perfect for a cute store filled with pretty little things. I find it hard to leave the store without buying anything and I definitely always leave it a bit more inspired and creative.

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Month of Design



In Slovenia, October doesn’t mean only the beginning of the student year, but it’s also a month filled with many artistic and creative events, among them a festival named Month of Design. Through the month, people can visit exhibitions, seminars, fashion shows and take a moment to admire beautiful objects, from simple everyday product like hand blender to extravagant clothes and amazing interior design. And if you miss one or two events, there are still a lot more you can go to, as you can visit the festival till the beginning of November. All in all, it is worth a visit:) And a great opportunity for me and my two friends from First Blue Shoes and Peach Black to meet, hang out and do something useful at the same time (a.k.a. making us feel productive:)).

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