Review: my favourite eyeliner

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Putting on eyeliner always reminds me of memes like this one. Seems as making a pretty line above your eye with an eyeliner is rocket science. I had so many problems when I started – should the line be defined, or should I blur it out, should it be thick or thin, should the tail be long or short? But honestly, we are finding problems where there are none. You have to get used to everything, and just like with figuring out how to draw your eyebrows, contour your face or even put on mascara without ruining your eye shadow, it takes some practice. You have to find out which shapes fit your eyes and face, which brush is the right for you, even what colour is the one for you. I found my perfect eyeliner at the stand with Essence cosmetics.

REVIEW: Purifying mask by Lavera

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One of my biggest beauty sins is that I don’t use facial masks regularly. I’m a lazy ass. More or less, I have a stable morning and night beauty routine: I always use day and night creme, always remove my makeup with cleansing milk, use a serum, an eye-cream … and so on. But I often forget about the mask. I always want to use it before I wash my hair but after a busy day, I remember my plans when I am already out of the bath. Since I want to be kinder to my skin, I decided to try out some facial masks and make it a habit. First, here is a purifying mask by Lavera – a brand that sells natural cosmetics, it doesn’t test on animals and offers vegan cosmetics. I actually started of pretty good:) Why?

Shower with Lush


I’m an unintentional spoiled brat when it comes to shower gels, shampoos, body lotions, face creams … My skin decided to ignore my wallet and it’s pleased only with natural, non-aggressive products. Otherwise it gets itchy,  dry, a bit red, and consequently, I get annoying and moody. Not wanting to lose all my friends, I treat my skin kind and buy quality product instead of another gorgeous dress, even though I really want to.


Catrice cosmetics

The classic look (with Catrice Cosmetics)


Catrice cosmetics

After three weeks of hardcore studying, finishing projects and a lot of dancing, I’m back 🙂 I had absolutely no time for baking, but I plan to prepare something before the weekend ends. Until then, here is something different I haven’t written about. Cosmetics. To be more precise, cruelty-free cosmetics.