Cranberry Coconut Granola

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…and a healthy breakfast idea! Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day. I rarely leave the house without eating something and drinking coffee. If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for a proper breakfast, I’m usually cranky until I have time to at least drink a cup of coffee. Plus most of my favourite foods are ˝breakfast foods˝. Cereal, granola, cottage cheese, toast, omelette…with the exception of avocado and green smoothies. You can’t love them all :). Well, I decided to make granola again, as I haven’t made it in ages! And I also made a travel version of cottage cheese and granola for busy days. But first, here is the granola recipe:

Happy Pancake Day 2017

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I always forget about Pancake day and find out on which day it is when it is already here. So today I have a quick and simple recipe for everyone who want to celebrate Pancake day with…pancakes! And I added some of the most mouth-watering photos of pancakes to make you think about all possible variations and combinations.

Granola over and over again

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After a while, I decided to make my favourite breakfast again. Time kind of stops in December. I find myself not caring as much about my college obligations as I should and instead of that, I want to meet my friends, take some time for myself, bake something good, spend an evening wrapped in a warm blanket, watching a movie. It feels like I have time to do anything. Even time to slowly eat breakfast for a change 🙂

Carob oatmeal breakfast

From Granola to Oatmeal

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I used to make and eat A LOT of granola, I could say I had granola phase this winter. But I got my wisdom teeth pulled out in March and in May and it stopped me from eating my favorite breakfast for a week or two each time. And then, I just didn’t feel like baking some more. I needed something a bit different. Oatmeal was the perfect solution, but I must confess that I never made some myself and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out which sort of oats I bought and how could I prepare it. I was clueless.

vegan chocolate pretzels

Secret Ingredient Pretzels

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vegan pretzels

Pia’s bakery is back in business, taking care of her best customers: her family, boyfriend and friends. Who ever gets to the kitchen first. 🙂 I baked these pretzels for a road trip but … Well there were no more left when we got in the car. I think that self control isn’t possible when the kitchen smells of fresh baked goodies.

mini cinnamon rolls

Crazy for Cinnamon Rolls

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Lately, I switched from buying pastry, croissants and other breakfast food at bakery to making most of them myself. I’ve always baked a lot, but there was something about going to the bakery around the corner and buying a chocolate roll or something like that. The place smelled delicious and you didn’t have to put any effort in making the pastry, which can be great sometimes.

Chocolate banana bread

Banana Bread for Chocolate Lovers

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When I was younger I hated bananas. The smell, the taste, the fast that everybody loved them … Everything! I know hate is a strong word but I really really didn’t like them. Not even the chocolate covered ones or banana split! Even though bananas are still not one one of my favourite fruits, I must say they are delicious when it comes to desserts. So it seemed like it was time to finally try to bake banana bread. Easy job, right?

making vegan croissants

Vegan Surprise Croissants

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vegan croissants with chocolate filling

To be honest, I was kind of scared of making vegan croissants. Slovenia has a lot of good bakeries with very delicious croissants, I visited Paris in autumn and I consider France as the homeland of croissants … My expectations were very high and as I’m trying to make and eat more and more vegan meals, I’m always afraid that they won’t turn out as good as their ”usual” versions. And the little voice in my head says I don’t have the time and energy to change my eating habits. The truth is no, I don’t have time, but I have the energy. If I don’t make any huge changes overnight that would probably lead to spending hours and hours in stores, looking for the right foods to eat, I have time. Maybe it will take a year, maybe two, but I will figure everything out. Maybe I’ll even stop occasionally craving cheese (and ending up ordering a huge pizza). I have to say to myself that everybody can’t become vegan overnight. Some need months, some years, but if there’s will, there’s a way. Even if a pile of gauda in standing in the way :).

Vegan Double Chocolate Carrot Muffins

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carrot chocolate cupcake and cream

The holiday craziness has finished. There was a lot of love, hugs, laughter, snow, sunshine and of course, food comas. Consequently, I didn’t have any time to write, let alone bake, so this year sandwich cookies were the top dessert after New Year’s dinner. And now life continues as it did before. We’re all writing down New Year’s resolutions, thinking how we can make 2015 the best year. We’ll all be slimmer, healthier, smarter and stronger by the time 2015 finishes! Well, the reality is quite different and as we all know, we stick to these resolutions for the first two weeks and then quickly forget about them.