Under a lot of stress?

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Yesterday, I  left two of my three student jobs, because everything was slowly becoming a bit too much to handle and I decided to keep the one that is the most connected with my studies and where I could work enough to get me through the month. One of the main reasons is that I had zero time to work on my thesis, and since I have no desire to spend three years writing it, I had to kick myself in the ass and get to work. For the last few months, I felt like I have to all of the things at once and when I wanted to take some time for myself, I always felt a bit guilty when I saw all of the work waiting for me. So guess what happened last week? I got sick and definitely didn’t get better with working everyday. For the first time in ages, I had zero appetite and I could sleep all the time. My body wanted a time to rest and now I see I have to spend some time at home, in bed, to get better. Our bodies will tell us when they need a break, we just have to learn how to listen to them. That’s something I’ll have to work on:)

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

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Winter is the ideal time for sugar cookies, that delicious sweet bites we eat while watching the snowflakes fall on the ground (or to feel better with all of the rain if I take the current weather situation into the account :)). This one are the perfect combo of salty and sweet, a mixture of my favourite ingredients. Chocolate and peanut butter (if you read some of my previous recipes, this one is probably not a surprise). If you try out the recipe, I hope you like them :).

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Lake Jasna and why I like to visit it in every season

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Today I decided to write about one of my favourite destinations (and most instagramable places) in Slovenia. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I didn’t know that lake Jasna exist until I went to a trip around that part of Slovenia 3 years ago, and while we were driving from Zelenci to Vršič pass, we saw a beautiful lake with mountains in the background. And yeah, I had no idea what’s the name of the lake. But from then on, I’ve returned to this lake every few months. It’s one of those places that looks great in every season. In the summer, you can go for a quick swim or just enjoy the beautiful nature, and in the winter, you can drink a cup of mulled wine or start a fun snowball fight with your friends.

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New Year’s Resolutions

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I don’t really know if that is the right title, but yeah, I’ll kind of talk about new year resolutions. I hope I am not too late, but I really wanted to take the holidays off :D. Towards the end of the year I realized that I’ve come to the most stable point in my life. Somehow all of the pieces came together, I feel like I’ve developed as a person the most in the last few years, I faced my old problems and left them behind, I’ve become more ambitious, creative and motivated. I’ve left some old dreams behind, not because I would feel like I can’t accomplish them, not because they would scare me. I just woke up and saw that they weren’t really my dreams, but a combination of something I thought I should be. I think I could say I went back to my childhood dreams, free from any outside effect. With much more experience, knowledge and motivation. I was always a bit afraid of my creative side, because I was scared I wasn’t talented enough. I was always my worst critic, just looking for the mistakes and not looking at the big picture. In the past year, that has also changed a lot. And now, I’ll have to wait work and see what can happen.

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GIVEAWAY: A printable weekly planner

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I decided to do something a bit more special for the last giveaway. Something all of you can get, because well, it’s Christmas. The thing I prepared will also be really useful for me and my disorganized mind. I hope it will help all of you who have too many plans and ideas, and you need something to write all of them down. And it also looks pretty 😀 It’s a free printable weekly planer. You can have it on your desk, on your wall, anywhere where you can clearly see it every day and you write the most important things you have to do in it. It also has a to-do and a shopping list (something I absolutely need, because I often don’t have some ingredients when I want to cook or bake something), a place for notes and a place for one thought – maybe a motivational quote on a busy week or a song that fills you up with energy. You can download it here: weekly planner

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My favourite winter sweater by Barbara Vavtar

Z vami sem želela deliti blogerke in instagramerke s super stilom, zato sem jih nekaj povabila, da napišejo ”guest post”. Blogmas se mi je zdel najboljša priložnost, da z vami delim njihove misli in fotografije. Zdaj je čas za zadnjo objavo (že!!!), ki jo je ustvarila Barbara:) Hvala!

P.s. Glede na to, da je ta objava v slovenščini, bom izkoristila to ”šanso” in sporočila, da bodo od januarja naprej vse objave na mojem blogu napisane v angleščini IN slovenščini (tako da že hitim obnavljat slovnična pravila) 😀

najljubsi pulover (4)

Imate tudi vi dneve, ko se zbudite in imate občutek, da vam nekaj manjka? Da bi potrebovali ‘odklop’? Meni se to zgodi skoraj vsak drugi dan😊 Takrat v sebi čutim ogromno željo po morskem zraku, po sončnih žarkih in toplino, saj je morje moj vitamin. Ko sem se nazadnje zopet zbudila s tistim občutkom, sem poklicala svojo prijateljico Niko, in odpravili sva se proti obali. Ona je vedno moj partner in crime, skupaj sva pravi duo zmešnjave, smeha in norih dogodivščin.

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Best nine 2017

This will be a short post, as I am preparing something very special for the weekend :). I wanted to share the best nine 2017 – maybe you’ve came across it while scrolling through your Instagram feed, but if you haven’t’ heard about it yet, you can check out the whole thing here. It’s a nice way to see your most liked photos, the style of photo editing you have developed, your personal aesthetics… A nice recap of your Instagram year, before we put down our phones and take a break from social media – just what I am planing to do during the holidays. I’m not saying I won’t take any photos, but I’ll definitely take a short break from Instagram, Facebook and just spend time with my loved ones (without phones on the table :D). Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


Je t’embrasse


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