Easy Chocolate Souffle

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Chocolate soufflé – the one dessert I always wanted to try out, but heard so many times how hard it is to bake it. I didn’t want to fail and end up spending one hour to clean the oven :D. Well, I made the notorious chocolate soufflé for the third time yesterday. I’m definitely not a soufflé professional, but now I have a simple recipe. Yes, I failed once, when I was trying to get the perfect amount of ingredients for two or a small group of friends 😀 But now, I have a simple recipe, inspired by the one on this page (and probably many other recipes I found while searching for the easiest one:)). My version is for 2-3 people (or just for one, depending on how hungry you are:)). And it’s really simple, no special ingredients, the hardest part is separating egg whites and yolks :). All you need is:

 2 eggs
75g of dark chocolate
50g of butter
50g of caster sugar
40g of flour

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

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Winter is the ideal time for sugar cookies, that delicious sweet bites we eat while watching the snowflakes fall on the ground (or to feel better with all of the rain if I take the current weather situation into the account :)). This one are the perfect combo of salty and sweet, a mixture of my favourite ingredients. Chocolate and peanut butter (if you read some of my previous recipes, this one is probably not a surprise). If you try out the recipe, I hope you like them :).

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Guest post: Baking with Barbara and Klemen

The last guest post of this week is a bit different. Barbara and Klemen have been talking so long about making videos! So when they offered to do a guest post and shoot a video, I was really happy. Check out their recipe for tiramisu here! Thank you Barbara and Klemen 🙂

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Sweet Nutella Bites

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I’ve just come home from my grandma’s place and I have to share one of her favourite recipes with you. And well, also one of my favourite recipes :). It’s simple, sweet and delicious. You can’t miss with Nutella, right :)? I’m already drooling here so I think it’s the best to share the recipe and I’ll go to the kitchen and eat a piece of this yummy cake! And if you want to bake something sweet this weekend – this is something you should try :).

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Festive Sacher Cake


Not the most traditional cake for holiday season, but you can never miss with sacher cake. Especially if you want to feed me :D. And it always reminds me of Vienna, a beautiful town I visited a few times in winter time. I’ sure you know where it is :). So yeah, this was supposed to be a recipe for a usual sacher cake, but then I accidentally spilled too much rum in the mixture and I decided to go with the flow and added a bit more rum than usual in the filling. Jack Sparow would love this cake. And my friends also liked it so it was gone in one day. I need to make a new one soon.

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Plans for December


Okay, it’s time to share some holiday excitement on the blog, too :). Even though I don’t like the ”Xmas spirit” before the beginning of December, I want to tell you a bit about the things I’m preparing on my blog for December. I’ve decided to post every day from the 1 to 24 of December, just like a blogging advent calendar. I’ve been thinking about doing this ”challenge” ever since I started writing, but I never had time and even motivation with all of the college work. But lately, I’ve had so much ideas, so many things I want to write about, and I think that I’ll be able to post every day. So get ready for a bunch of winter and festive outfits, delicious recipes, fun DIYs, great giveaways (YAY!) and also some guest posts (but I’m not telling you who will be the authors just yet:)).

This photo is a quick preview of a recipe I am preparing and will be posted in the beginning of December :). And since I’m still planing the details I want to ask you if there is anything special you would like to read about? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Je t’embrasse


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Nescafe Dolce Gusto: pros and cons

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A post dedicated to coffee lovers seems appropriate before the beginning of another working week. If you can’t imagine starting the day without coffee, you might be interested in what I have to say about Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines after using one for almost one year. I got used to coffee makers while I was living with my friends – one of them had an Illy espresso machine. And it was the best coffee I had ever tried in my life. When I moved away, I usually made really strong black coffee (turkish coffee), especially during the exams, but it was a bit too strong for my stomach and I didn’t feel good if I drank it too often. So I started looking for alternatives. I never liked the taste of instant coffee, and let’s face it, some of the instant coffee mixtures are more sugar than coffee. I remembered that some of my friends had Dolce Gusto coffee machines at home and that I loved that kind of coffee. It took me some time to find some good prices and I found Dolce Gusto OBLO, which also got a design award in 2015, and was on discount, so I bought it on this site for around 50-60 euros. And for the capsules, I bought them here – cheaper than in a grocery store:).

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