GIVEAWAY: A printable weekly planner

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I decided to do something a bit more special for the last giveaway. Something all of you can get, because well, it’s Christmas. The thing I prepared will also be really useful for me and my disorganized mind. I hope it will help all of you who have too many plans and ideas, and you need something to write all of them down. And it also looks pretty 😀 It’s a free printable weekly planer. You can have it on your desk, on your wall, anywhere where you can clearly see it every day and you write the most important things you have to do in it. It also has a to-do and a shopping list (something I absolutely need, because I often don’t have some ingredients when I want to cook or bake something), a place for notes and a place for one thought – maybe a motivational quote on a busy week or a song that fills you up with energy. You can download it here: weekly planner

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Which apps do I use to edit my photos? – part two

I posted a short review of my favourite apps for editing photos last week and I’ve also promised you a more extended version with some tips.There will be plenty of screenshots to get a better view of everything, so this will be some kind of tutorial. But what I want to do with this post is to show all the options, encourage you to try out the apps, play around with colours, find a style that fits you…so let’s get started.

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GIVEAWAY: A beautiful festive necklace

kk_necklace (3 of 10)

It’s Sunday so as you probably know, it’s time for our second festive giveaway! This time, I’ve teamed up with Katja K. (you probably know her brand Katja Koselj Jewellery). We’re giving away this necklace, which is perfect for parties and dinners this month, but no worries, you can wear it all year long 🙂 I also love the detail – a bow you use to tie the necklace together.

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Valentine’s Day on a budget


It’s true, us girls like to be a bit spoiled sometimes. Even though we say we don’t need any gifts on Valentine’s day, we know we want them, we just don’t want to say that. And I think most of us like to give gifts too, the only problem with this whole thing is money. Especially if you are in high school or a student, maybe you are looking for a job and you just can’t afford something expensive. Yes, you would love to buy your loved ones everything they want, but that is usually not possible. And I think we tend to appreciate that gifts that come from the heart – in that case the price definitely doesn’t matter. I gathered some gift ideas that won’t empty out your wallet.

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Ready for Halloween

pin up halloween costume
It has been a long time since I dressed up for Halloween. When I was growing up, we had a similar holiday at the beginning of spring and it’s still celebrated all around the country. Halloween came here probably ten years ago and it’s more about the parties that trick or treating actually, carving pumpkins is much more in the foreground than collecting candy :D. But still, we have the Halloween parties! 🙂

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diy paper gift bags

Call me Santa!


Hey hey! Hope you are having a nice December. I was stuck in the house with a fever for a whole week, but I must say I used my time productively. I got to spent some time with my mum, who also had a cold, and my dog, who I must say misses me the same if I leave for one hour or one week. And I’m slowly getting through my college books. And I decided it’s time to make Christmas presents. Buying them didn’t seem as a possibility, I’m still a bit skeptical when it comes to internet shopping and I think it’s nicer to give something you have made yourself. I must give my mum credits for the paper bags because she wanted them for her co-workers and when I was making them, I thought they would be appropriate for my gifts too. And if any of my friends is reading this, NO, there won’t be a single mention of what is in these bags 🙂

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