Balea and hair removal

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I have always liked dm drogerie markt‘s brand Balea. It’s affordable (actually quite cheap) and also cruelty-free (that always makes me happy:)). And mostly quite good. Just like with any cosmetic brand with low prices, there are great stuff and there are not so great stuff. At least that is my opinion and I noticed this with almost every brand that makes me say: This is so cheap, I better take two! For example, I love eyeliners, nail polishes and lip liners by Essence Cosmetics, foundations, primers, powders and eyebrow shades by Catrice Cosmetics … and I have learned what fits me through years of trying out different make up. I was immediately attracted to Balea because of – PRICES! 😀

Review: my favourite eyeliner

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Putting on eyeliner always reminds me of memes like this one. Seems as making a pretty line above your eye with an eyeliner is rocket science. I had so many problems when I started – should the line be defined, or should I blur it out, should it be thick or thin, should the tail be long or short? But honestly, we are finding problems where there are none. You have to get used to everything, and just like with figuring out how to draw your eyebrows, contour your face or even put on mascara without ruining your eye shadow, it takes some practice. You have to find out which shapes fit your eyes and face, which brush is the right for you, even what colour is the one for you. I found my perfect eyeliner at the stand with Essence cosmetics.

How to cover up a hickey

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This one seemed appropriate for the day after Valentines, when we usually take some more time to spend it with our SO. It’s still covers a problem we have to face it maybe a few times a year and it’s harder in the summer, when you can’t wear a scarf or a turtleneck. They are ways to speed up the healing process but what to do when you don’t have time and you want to cover that love bite/hickey fast? Here, make up is your best friend. And also chokers – this trend has more pros than just looking good. So you woke up with a hickey – what to do now?

Freedom Make Up London Lipsticks

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You can never have too many lipsticks, right? I always wear at least three shades in my purse everywhere, I just put them in my cosmetic bag (I’m one of those people who carry their hand cream, a pocket mirror and a black eye pencil everywhere, along with some plasters – I’m a clumsy girl:)) and then switch them depending on the time of the year or the occasion. Or sometimes, I just keep adding them until I can’t close the bag anymore and then I make a selection. All in all, I’m definitely a lipstick person. I tried out Lipstick collection Makeup Artist Pro Favorites by Freedom makeup and I have some nice things to tell you about it.

50 shades of pink

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Pink hasn’t been on the list of my favourite colours since I was 12, but this year, pink kind of grew on me.Maybe it  sneaked into my life through some beauty products I loved and soon there was more and more pink on my shelves. And which are the three pink products I would like to tell you about?

Oriflame The One

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This week I am spending last summer days at the seaside, so I’m a bit late with this post, but better late than never. This time I will talk about make up from Oriflame I’ve tried out this summer and will definitely use it through the next few months. The One is the newest collection by cosmetics brand Oriflame with absolutely gorgeous packaging. Yes, that is what I notice first:)

My Beauty Box

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I got back from London a few days ago with my batteries recharged (ready to study for the exams! – kind of :)) and I remembered I haven’t told you about one of the most useful things for every lover of beauty products. Have you heard about My Beauty Box? It’s a monthly subscription box that brings you cosmetic products every month directly to your home.

oil based products

Oil-Based Cosmetics for Colder Days


oil based products

This is a post for all of you who have a fear of colder days and central heating (but still can’t resist a good snowball fight, no matter what age;)). The reason: dry skin and all of the problems that come along. When I was a kid I spend the winter with completely red, itchy, cracked hands covered in thick layers of creme, mixed in a pharmacy. Things got better with age but my hands still have a bit more visible structure (nice expression for lots of fine lines) and my skin still falls into dry category, which involves some scaling, itching and red (or sometimes even grey) patches. Fortunately for us, the people of summer, oil-based product are a big hit now. Coconut, argan, almond … oil can be found in many products and there are many recipes making it able to mix natural cosmetics in your kitchen. After some help from Google and shopping trips, I can finally say I’m ready for winter and all of it’s pros and cons. 🙂

Shower with Lush


I’m an unintentional spoiled brat when it comes to shower gels, shampoos, body lotions, face creams … My skin decided to ignore my wallet and it’s pleased only with natural, non-aggressive products. Otherwise it gets itchy,  dry, a bit red, and consequently, I get annoying and moody. Not wanting to lose all my friends, I treat my skin kind and buy quality product instead of another gorgeous dress, even though I really want to.