Decorating your apartment cat-proof

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We all know that young cats love to play around, and Ida is no exception. So this was something I had to take in consideration when planning festive decorations. Since Ida’s in her playful phase, a tree was a no-go. At least the usual one, so I bought a two dimensional tree, made out of thick wire and instead of the usual decorations, I just used ribbons. Otherwise, everything would end up on the floor 😀 I wanted to post the whole decorations, but then there were some problems with the kitchen and we had to move out for a few days…so right now, I’ll show you my favourite ”cat-proof” decoration and if there’ll be time, I’ll show you the decorations over the weekend.


I was a bit worried about Happy lights (from Smile Concept Store) in the beginning, because I thought Ida would play around with them all the time, but when I opened them, I remembered something! They don’t make any noise! And after one day, I saw that there won’t be any problems. I have the lights on the couch and they are a perfect match with new pink Ikea pillows. This year, the decorations are in pastel pink and silver, instead of classic gold or red. You know I love pastels. So yeah, I can’t promise you that your cat won’t play around with Happy lights, and the location probably has something to do with it. But I was relieved to see I can have them on the couch and Ida would just lay around (and she plays with everything she finds :D). And since I can’t have any glass Christmas ornaments, these really make the room more interesting and pretty :). What are your experiences with ”cat-proof” decorations? Let me know in the comments!

By the way, Ida has her own Instagram account now, so give her a follow here!

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