REVIEW: Carbon Coco ultimate carbon kit

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Somewhere around two month ago I received The Carbon Coco ultimate carbon kit and I was really excited, because my smile was never that Hollywood smile with perfect withe teeth. When I was younger, I was wearing braces, so at least that fixed some problems – My jaw just wasn’t big enough for my teeth and it looked like somebody put them there in some random order :D. And their natural colour was never even close to white, even though I really took care of my teeth and washed them 2 or 3 times every day. Blame it on genetics. So yeah, I was really looking forward to trying the whole kit out and I wanted to wait with this review until I emptied the Activated Carbon toothpaste.

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First, let me tell you what I liked about Carbon Coco – it’s a cruelty free brand and that is really important for me. And the product I liked the most was the toothpaste. It’s really fresh, not messy at all (so you won’t find any stains in your sink), and also perfect for my sensitive teeth – some toothpastes are just to aggressive. Did it my make teeth wither? YES! Did it make my teeth completely white? Unfortunately NO! There is a visible effect and it looks natural but if you want completely white teeth, it’s not enough.

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I also received two other products: the Activated charcoal tooth polish and a toothbrush. I didn’t use this products a lot. The reason is that I have very sensitive teeth AND gums, so a person without these problems might have a completely different experience. The toothbrush was just to hard for me. I usually use only soft and extra soft brushes, because everything else makes my gums bleed and the same happened with this toothbrush. So I used it two different times to make sure that it was the toothbrush and not just a ”bad gums day”. And I had the same problem with activated charcoal. I’ve read a few reviews of the similar products from different brands before and I expected I’d have parts of this polish between my teeth even after washing them. But I didn’t, so that is definitely a plus. But there were other problems – the mess in the sink and (again) bleeding gums. I’ve tried it one some different occasions and the result was always the same – my gums started bleeding, no matter witch toothbrush I used. And that is why I stopped using it after trying it out a few times. And if you like to keep your bathroom clean, you’ll be washing your sink after every use. I really hoped to find a package which would be great for sensitive teeth too, but unfortunately, the only thing I liked was the toothpaste. Oh well, not having completely white teeth won’t stop me from smiling 🙂

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