Which apps do I use to edit my photos? – part two

I posted a short review of my favourite apps for editing photos last week and I’ve also promised you a more extended version with some tips.There will be plenty of screenshots to get a better view of everything, so this will be some kind of tutorial. But what I want to do with this post is to show all the options, encourage you to try out the apps, play around with colours, find a style that fits you…so let’s get started.

The first app I usually use is VSCO. Why? Because the colours change a bit when you use a filter and if you want to get that specific shades, I recommend you to use the filter first and then continue with the adjustments. I never set a filter to a full intensity, I usually pick something from 7-9 (out of 12) and I also do some basic editing (but it’s not necessary, because you can do all that later with Lightroom). I made the photo a bit lighter (with exposure and lightening the shadows), clearer (you won’t believe it, with the option clarity :D) and warmer (with temperature and tint).

Then it’ time to edit in Lightroom. The first thing is the light. I adjusted the exposure, contrast, and then you can play around with highlights/shadows and whites/blacks. I usually make the highlights a bit darker and shadows a bit lighter, but then I intensify black and white tones. Next up are the temperature and the tint. I like warm and a bit more pink tones, but it always depends on the photo and the original colours. Oh and I also don’t like too saturated photos.

The most important thing are the colours. You can separately adjust settings (hue, saturation and lightness) for 8 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and magenta). This is how I changed colours on this photo and I generally follow a same pattern (because you can copy settings and paste it on other photos, such a time saver!), but it won’t look good on every photo, so I would recommend you to play around with the colours when you are starting to use this app :). And I’ve been using the dehase options lately, too. I think it adds a nice finishing touch and makes the photo more clear. I usually edit a photo just a bit with Instagram tools before I post it, but that changes are really minimal, so I didn’t include that in the post :).

photo editing bled (1)

Did you find this ”tutorial” useful? 🙂 Comment or write to me if you have any more questions :).

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