You fit me better than my favourite sweater by Nika Ilić

I really wanted to share with you some bloggers and instagramers with a great sense of style, so I decided to invite a few of them to write a guest postBlogmas seemed like a great opportunity to share their thoughts and photos with you. Now it’s time for our third blogmas guest post! Let’s see what Nika wrote about her winter style. Thank you, Nika!


I love social media as it always connects me with the best people. I met so many wonderful people through Instagram and Pia is one of them. I love people, who strive in always bettering and challenging themselves. That is how you grow, right? When Pia told me she is planning on doing blogmas this year and would like me to write a guest post, I immediately said YES! I am very excited for her that she chose to challenge herself this way and also thankful for this opportunity as it is also getting me to step out of my comfort zone and write my first blogpost.

I listened to a TEDx talk just the other day and this woman Marisa Peer was talking about how you can train your mind to reach beyond your limits. I think the title also goes something like that. I will link it down below, if you want to check it out. She talks about how our mind will always get us what it feels that we need and how the images we play in our minds affect us. So, if you are complaining constantly about being overwhelmed, overworked and in need of a week off – BAM, you get the flu, here you go, you got what you have asked for.

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It is funny, because I was just in the middle of having something similar going on in my life, when I saw it. An old neck pain resurfaced at the most inconvenient time. I thought to myself: but I have stuff to do, deadlines to meet, things to tick off of my never-ending to do list. I cannot just lie in bed and chill. And yet, you have to do exactly that, take time to unwind. It is funny, when the fuel is down in your car, you do not get mad at it, if it does not move, you go to the nearest gas station and fuel it up. It is similar with our bodies, it is just that we sometimes ignore the warning signs and then get annoyed with ourselves, when we are no longer able to cope with everything. With the fast tempo of life, you owe it to yourself to literally stop from time to time, preferably before your body finds a way to stop you. Breathe. Take time to be fully present in the moment. Have a cup of delicious coffee or hot chocolate – or both, which is exactly what me and my mom did this weekend. Talked. Laughed. Slowed down.


I decided to shoot this look during the weekend. I actually raided my mom’s wardrobe once again. Those who know me, know my love for vintage pieces and borrowing my mom’s clothing.

I only started wearing turtlenecks a few years ago, I always found them too restrictive and sort of felt I can not breathe in them, but now it’s almost all I wear during the colder seasons. I also love them, because they keep my neck warm and supported. This one is in that perfect denim blue hue and is actually my mom’s. I got the same one in brick red, but I just love taking hers. It is from Mana.

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I love wearing blue and I feel that camel and cognac colors complement it best. By the way the earring is from Zara (this season’s)!

It is a very simple outfit, comfy and warm for the snowy days, but the details make it very chic. I also played a bit with my hairstyle, I left my hair tucked inside the turtleneck to make it appear shorter. I’ve been thinking about cutting it for a while. What do you think? Should I take the plunge?

So, guys, if there’s one thing I hope you remember from this post is: Feed your mind with things that serve you. I decided this December is going to be a no complaining December, who is with me? I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Much love, Nika

The video I mentioned:

You can find Nika here. But I think Nika should seriously start blogging 😀 Don’t you think so too? 🙂

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