My favourite winter sweater by Barbara Karničar

I really wanted to share with you some bloggers and instagramers with a great sense of style, so I decided to invite a few of them to write a guest postBlogmas seemed like a great opportunity to share their thoughts and photos with you. Now it’s time for our second blogmas guest post! Let’s see what Barbara wrote about her winter style. Thank you, Barbara!

favourite sweater (4)

Writing this in my Christmas pajamas and munching on homemade cookies. I love this festive season, everything smells like cinnamon and mulled wine. There are waffles, pancakes and caramelized almonds on every corner. Lights all over Ljubljana…It’s a magical time. I love it! Only thing missing is snow.

Winter is my favorite season, maybe because I was born in winter, maybe because I love cozy evenings with hot tea and a nice movie or because when it’s snowing I’m the happiest because it’s the most beautiful and calming thing ever.

favourite sweater (1)

Cozy also means fluffy warm sweaters so it was hard to choose a favorite. But when Pia asked me to write a post about my favorite sweater I immediately thought of my new striped sweater. Although I love winter time, this sweater kind of looks summer-ish because of navy stripes, it just looks fresh.

favourite sweater (5)

My closet is mostly in neutral colors like gray, black and white. Sometimes I like to incorporate a little bit of color especially over winter. I styled this sweater with gray and black with a pop of color red. This hat just screams December to me.

It’s a little bit oversized and just how I like it. Oversized means cozy right? 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful December.



You can follow Barbara on her blog, Instagram and Facebook page.

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