Which apps do I use to edit my photos?

I got a few questions about the apps I use to edit my photos, so I thought it would be good to write everything down in one place. I have tried a lot of apps for photo editing but in the end, I always return to these three: VSCO, Lightroom and Snapseed.


I think this is one of the apps that took editing of mobile photos to a higher level. It has filters and some basic tools like exposure, contrast, temperature… I usually use a filter before I edit a photo in Lightroom because I want to give the photo my touch, so it doesn’t look like I just used a filter and that was it, plus I’m a perfectionist and if the green doesn’t look like I want after I start with a filter I will get the shade I want 🙂 But yes, VSCO is a simple FREE tool for photo editing. You can buy some extra filters but there are usually some sales when you can get specific filters cheaper or for free. Oh and I usualy use HB1 filter!


I can’t imagine editing a photo without this app. The free version offers so many possibilities and you can get those perfect shades of each photo, because you can change each colour separately. For example, you can decide if the green shade will have a yellow or a blue undertone, how light or dark will it be and how saturated it will be. Some of the premium features include editing of photos in RAW format and make selective adjustments, but I think the free version really offers a lot of possibilities.


I don’t use this app for every photos, just for some details. It has a healing tool, which is great if you have to remove something from your photo (it’s not as precise as Photoshop, but it’s still quite good:)), and a selective tool, so you can make a part of your photo brighter, more saturated ect. It also has a lot of portrait options, HDR effects, retro filters, but I almost don’t use these options.

Would you like to see an edit of a photo in the details? Tell me in the comments, you can also link to a photo on my Instagram account and I’ll pick one 🙂

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