OOTD: Oversized pink sweater

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Snow is here and that means I’ll bring out all of my warmest and coziest sweaters. In this post, I’m wearing a new addition to my wardrobe, a warm pink oversized sweater I got from my mum because it was lying in the closet for the past few years, but probably it’s about the same age as I am :D.

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Even though I like to buy something new every now and then, I also love second hand clothes. I get a lot of 90s things from my mum because she always finds something when she’s going through her clothes and for some weird reason I like the things she hasn’t worn in ages :). And I also love second hand and vintage shops, because I always find something I like there for a good price. Let’s be honest, clothes used to be made to last longer than they do now. I still wear some things my mum got or my grandma sewed for her when she was 18! And now my T-shirts have small holes after a few years. The ”fast fashion” has changed a lot of things, there is always a new ”must have trend” and I won’t say I don’t like ordering a new dress from Aliexpress, but I always try to balance things out. I recycle old clothes and I give away things I don’t wear anymore, I own a few pieces from local designers, but hey, the time that we live in affect us and I’ll probably buy something cheap if it’s something I like and I need. It’s a fact that some thing need to change on a bigger scale, such as the conditions and the salary the people that work in the ”clothing factories” get, our attitude to clothes, the options we have with recycling… But well, it’s December and I don’t want to moralize too much :). I’ll end with this thought: think about some things you have in your closet and you haven’t worn for a few seasons. Maybe it would be perfect for one of your friends. If not, maybe you could give it to charity. Let’s just remind ourselves that it’s not about the number of things we own. And now I’ve written down everything I wanted, so…I guess…enjoy the photos!:D

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Sweater: second hand, no name
Leggings: Calzedonia
Boots: Mass
Earrings: KKJewellery

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Je t’embrasse


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