Nescafe Dolce Gusto: pros and cons

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A post dedicated to coffee lovers seems appropriate before the beginning of another working week. If you can’t imagine starting the day without coffee, you might be interested in what I have to say about Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines after using one for almost one year. I got used to coffee makers while I was living with my friends – one of them had an Illy espresso machine. And it was the best coffee I had ever tried in my life. When I moved away, I usually made really strong black coffee (turkish coffee), especially during the exams, but it was a bit too strong for my stomach and I didn’t feel good if I drank it too often. So I started looking for alternatives. I never liked the taste of instant coffee, and let’s face it, some of the instant coffee mixtures are more sugar than coffee. I remembered that some of my friends had Dolce Gusto coffee machines at home and that I loved that kind of coffee. It took me some time to find some good prices and I found Dolce Gusto OBLO, which also got a design award in 2015, and was on discount, so I bought it on this site for around 50-60 euros. And for the capsules, I bought them here – cheaper than in a grocery store:).


So, after a year, I have some good sides and bad sides of this coffee maker to share with you.


  • The coffee is delicious and you have a variety of flavours to choose from. If you like cappuccino, espresso or caramel latte macchiato, there is something for everyone. You can even buy different teas and hot chocolate. And did I mention the taste is delicious? 😀
  • It’s a quick and simple way to prepare a cup of coffee. You don’t have to wait for the water to boil, find the right amount of coffee to mix in the water… So in the morning, when my brain isn’t quite working the way it should, this is a safe way to prepare coffee.
  • The design. Some may find it irrelevant but for me, it’s important. I adore a beautiful design and I try to fill my home with things that are useful, but also look nice.



  • The fact is that capsules are quite expensive. Even if you buy them on discount, you will usually spend form around 0.3 € – 0,6 € for a cup of Dolce Gusto coffee. If you don’t drink it every day, it doesn’t seem so expensive, but if you drink a lot of coffee and you also live with someone who drinks a lot of coffee, you can spend a lot of money on these capsules.
  • It’s delicious but still, some of the capsules include other ingredients than coffee and milk. If you check out the ingredient list, you can also find sugar and soy lecithin in some milk capsules. So check out the ingredients if you are careful about your sugar intake. But still, the list of ingredients is much shorter that the ones you can find on different flavoured instant coffees.
  • There is a problem with recycling the capsules/pods. I’ve looked around the internet to find some possible ways to recycle the capsules, which are currently not recyclable in some countries, because of the lack of proper infrastructure (the answer I found on their page). But fortunately, things are moving in the right direction. They implemented a capsule collection process in Portugal – they recycle the plastic to build urban furniture and coffee grounds for composting. In Australia, Nescafe Dolce Gusto and Terracycle have started a recycling program – you send the capsules, they clean and melt them into hard plastic, which is used to make new products. So yes, there are options, but they are not so widely known – at least not in my area.


If I would buy the machine again, I would probably decide between this one and a cafeteira (french press), which is simple, less expensive, more environmental friendly and also makes great coffee. And I will also probably buy one in the future. The options you have with Dolce Gusto coffee maker are great, but if I would have both, I would probably use Dolce Gusto when I would want to spoil myself and cafeteira when I would need coffee – just because I need coffee every day :).


What do you think about Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines? Do you own one? Or do you use some other coffee maker? Let me know in the comments :).

Je t’embrasse


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11 thoughts on “Nescafe Dolce Gusto: pros and cons

  1. Imam in se strinjam z zgoraj naštetim. Sicer pijem dnevno raje turško kavo z ovsenim mlekom, občasno pa si privoščim Latte Machiato. Meni je presladek, pijem raje grenko kavo. Nesladkan je pa bolj voden in sploh ni dober..
    Sej je kul zadeva, ampak overhyped in se za nakup nebi odločla še enkrat. Sanjam o aparatu za kavo, kot ga majo gostinci. Ampak so cene kr divje 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja se strinjam, je za občasno, meni tudi ne paše vsak dan. Sicer sem zdaj odkrita se tiste Cafe au lait kapsule, ki so ubistvu samo kava in mleko, pa še 16 jih je v enem pakiranju (kava in mleko nista posebej :)). Meni je pa pri turški zaradi usedline malo slabo, v cafeteiri pa ni usedline v skodelici in je res fajn, tako da zagotovo pride na vrsto še kakšen nakup v prihodnosti 🙂 Okusi kav so sicer res dobri, a je res malo overhyped. No, definitivno boljše kot instant kave z okusi 😊 Žal pa so cene za gostinske res divje…ampak kava je pa top! ☕️😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nisem kavopivec ampak ob teh fotkah mi je pa prav zapasala. 😀 Všeč mi je da dejansko gledaš tudi na vidik recikliranja in okoljevarstva, nisem nikoli pomislila kako bi to potekalo pri kapsulah. Anyway, mislim da si bom zaradi te objave jutri privoščila eno kavo! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Tudi mi ga imamo doma. Moja mama obožuje Dolce Gusto kavne kapsule, jaz pa niti ne toliko. Mi je res boljša “old skul” priprava kave, mešam jo pa z mandljevim mlekom z okusom lešnikov. The best ❤ Aparat je precej priročen, tako kot si zapisala, vendar mi enostavno okus ni to kar bi mogel biti. Tudi jaz mislim, da so kapsule zelo "težke" za reciklirat. Mi ponadi vsebino odvržemo v bio odpadke, ostalo pa v plastiko.

    Drugače pa si nekdaj želim kavni avtomat, tisti ta pravi. ❤


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Vidim, da si vse zelimo “ta prav” kavni avtomat enkrat v prihodnosti 😃🙈 Meni je okus sicer vsec, a ne za vsak dan, je pa priprava res hitra, kar pride prav zjutraj, ko bi ze ne vem kolikokrat prevrela vodo in po moznosti se polila kavo 😄 Veliko je pa res odvisno od okusa 😊☕️

      Liked by 1 person

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