Cocoa Locks – hot chocolate for hair growth

…And is the effect as good as the taste?

cocoa locks

There has been a bunch of products for hair growth on the market lately. The famous MSM, gummy bears, hot chocolate, milkshake, different vitamins. And I definitely didn’t try them all :D. But I have tried some and I can compare Cocoa Locks to them. First, I tried some vitamins for hair and nails a few years ago. Partly because they contained vitamins vegetarians could lack, partly because my nails got fragile after high school and my hair weren’t as thick and strong as they used to be when I was younger. I blame it on the stress and the fact I lost a lot of weight when I was in high school. So yeah, I thought this vitamins would help. I was so wrong. I can’t remember the name of the brand, but it was an organic brand, the vitamins were supposed to be really natural etc. The effect was hardly seen and the thing I remember the most is how sick I was after them. If I didn’t eat a big (I mean really big) meal before I ate them, I felt extremely sick. They just weren’t the right thing for my stomach. Then there was MSM. The thing that had the effect. It really helped – when I was drinking it regularly. The problem was that it was a habit for a month, and then I forgot about MSM. And I started drinking it again…And quit a month or two later. I just couldn’t get used to the taste. I wanted to drink it every moment, but I just kept forgetting because..well…I didn’t like it. Do you forget to eat a piece of chocolate? Rarely. Do you forget to eat of drink something that you don’t like but is good for you? Can happen often. I just couldn’t make a habit out of drinking MSM.

This summer, Cocoa Locks contacted me if I would be interested in a collaboration. In the best possible time. My hair are generally very dry and I decided to go for a more caramel/honey blonde version without my usual copper tones in the summer and I got my whole hair coloured, not just the roots. I colour my hair in a hair salon (the same for last 10 years), with high quality colours and only the roots when I stick with a colour, because the colour stays nice and there is really no need to colour them again. Well, this time I decided for honey blonde and also some pastel pink highlights…and went to the seaside the next day. And forgot my favourite hair product, Morrocanoil hair oil (I also have to write about it!) at home. Even though I love the seaside, salt and sun weren’t so good for my hair and they only got drier. It’s not that I wouldn’t take care of them for those two weeks – I used conditioners and masks for dry hair, but the change only lasted for a day after use. I needed a stronger solution.

Before and after

A few days after I got home, I got my first 1-month package of Cocoa Locks hot chocolate. It was in the middle of summer but…it was delicious! I tried many different versions – I mixed it into coffee, I made an iced version, I combined it with my morning granola…and when the nights got colder then September extremely cold and rainy, hot chocolate seemed like the perfect thing. And you know what? I drank Cocoa Locks hot chocolate (almost) every single day. I finally managed to make a habit out of drinking some hair growth product :D. It was just the thing my hair needed. After two or three weeks, I’ve started seeing the results. Even though I went to the seaside again for a week, my hair stayed nice, soft, strong and healthy. I was so happy because they were shiny and even getting a bit thicker. The results only got better. After two months of drinking Cocoa Locks, my hair is in its best shape in ages. I can’t remember the last time I had such thick and healthy hair. They are soft and shiny. This is the change that amazed me the most. And lately, I’ve been noticing that my hair is growing faster. I didn’t notice that change after one month, but after that, my hair started growing faster and faster. I think I’ve noticed the most change in length in the last two or three weeks. Even though it took some time to see the change in hair growth, I loved the fact how healthier my hair looked day after day. I’m just starting my third month of drinking Cocoa Locks and I think the results will only get better. In my opinion, each product needs time to work. The quick solutions are rare and the bigger effects are seen when you make a habit out of something. Well, this hot chocolate was good enough to make it a habit and it looks like it’s the perfect combination of good taste and great effect. And before you say: You drink hot chocolate every day!, let me tell you that it has only 32 calories. Of course, with milk, it has more. I would probably say it’s more like cocoa than hot chocolate, but that is because in Slovenia, hot chocolate usually means a really thick drink, more similar to pudding than cocoa. It’s delicious but…it’s more of a dessert than a drink. So there is quite a difference between them. I wanted to share my experience, but you can also read a bit more about the ingredients and nutritional facts in FAQ if you are thinking about ordering.

To conclude, I have to say I’m looking forward to cold autumn and winter evenings with a cup of Cocoa Locks in my hands and am curious about the results after drinking this hair growth hot chocolate for an even longer period of time.

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And don’t forget: you can use the code PIA20 to get 20% off your order on Cocoa Locks!

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8 thoughts on “Cocoa Locks – hot chocolate for hair growth

  1. Jaz sem sprobala medvedke in glede na to, da mi lasje že sami od sebe hitro rastejo, ne vem, če so imeli kakšni učinek, se mi je pa poznalo pri nohtih. Tale vroča čokolada se tudi sliši zanimivo. Super za hladnejše dni. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moji pa se ponavadi na neki dolzini kar ustavijo odkar sem imela krajse lase, tako da me je kar presenetilo da so sli cez to “mejo” in sedaj hitreje rastejo 🙂 Ja, vroca cokolada je res fajn ideja, pa tudi medvedki so zgledali res kjut in okusni, a jih zal nisem sprobala da bi lahko primerjala ucinek:)


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