No-bake chocolate mousse cake

chocolate mousse cake

It looks and feels like summer is officially over on this cold Monday morning. Time to wrap in that cozy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa! And since we’re talking about hot cocoa, I have to share a new chocolate cake recipe. It’s just what you need when you don’t have a lot of time to bake something but you want to make something that looks and tastes great.

All you need is:
– a pack of your favourite cookies cookies that you can crumble
– melted butter
– chocolate sauce (liquid)
– chocolate spread (something like Nutella)
– whipped cream (I also added some Kremfix)
– waffle cone and chocolate (I used Milka Triolade) for decorations

chocolate mousse cake recipe

First you crumble the cookies and mix them with melted butter. Cover the bottom of a cake pan or a plate. Then just pour the chocolate sauce over that. Whip the cream, add chocolate spread and pour the mixture over the cookie crumb crust. Decorate everything with pieces of chocolate, chocolate spread and a cone:).

What about the amount of the things you need? Well, I have no idea what is the perfect amount!:). That is why this cake is perfect, if you have some things in the kitchen that you have to use before their expiry date. You just have to watch out that the cookie crumb crust is not too dry, try out the chocolate mousse while making the cake and have fun with decorations:)
Je t’embrasse


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chocolate mousse cake (2)

…and by the way, I can’t get a perfect cake slice:D Need to work on that:D

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