Balea and hair removal


I have always liked dm drogerie markt‘s brand Balea. It’s affordable (actually quite cheap) and also cruelty-free (that always makes me happy:)). And mostly quite good. Just like with any cosmetic brand with low prices, there are great stuff and there are not so great stuff. At least that is my opinion and I noticed this with almost every brand that makes me say: This is so cheap, I better take two! For example, I love eyeliners, nail polishes and lip liners by Essence Cosmetics, foundations, primers, powders and eyebrow shades by Catrice Cosmetics … and I have learned what fits me through years of trying out different make up. I was immediately attracted to Balea because of – PRICES! 😀

And just like with any brand with cheap prices – there are some products I really like and some I don’t so much. Today I’ll write about two products for depilation – one great and one…not so great.

First, there is Balea’s shaving gel with aloe vera and avocado oil for sensitive skin. This one is great! I have dry and sensitive skin so I have to use a good shaving cream, and this one didn’t left a dry or itchy feeling. I’m also prone to getting zits after shaving because of the ingrown hair and this gel has reduced the problem. And it also has a nice scent:D.

Being satisfied with this product I decided to try out Balea’s wax strips for eyebrows. I used the wax strips for legs before and they were also pretty good … and I was so sick of plucking my eyebrows with tweezers every few days. I tried waxing my eyebrows in a beauty salon before and have always felt great because I didn’t have to deal with my eyebrows for two weeks. Oh well, looks like it’s hard to reach the same effect at home. Even though I used wax strips before multiple times and I know how to use them properly, this one hardly removed any hair! Just a few thin, almost unseen hair. The visible hair stayed firmly where they were…unfortunately, I don’t think I will use this again. Wax strips for legs – definitely again, but for eyebrows – better go to a beauty salon.

Have you tried any of this (or similar) products?:)

Je t’embrasse


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One thought on “Balea and hair removal

  1. Zelo se mi dopade primerjava med dvema izdelkoma iste znamke, super post! 🙂 in se strinjam, da je oznaka cruelty-free always a bonus 🙂


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