REVIEW: Purifying mask by Lavera


One of my biggest beauty sins is that I don’t use facial masks regularly. I’m a lazy ass. More or less, I have a stable morning and night beauty routine: I always use day and night creme, always remove my makeup with cleansing milk, use a serum, an eye-cream … and so on. But I often forget about the mask. I always want to use it before I wash my hair but after a busy day, I remember my plans when I am already out of the bath. Since I want to be kinder to my skin, I decided to try out some facial masks and make it a habit. First, here is a purifying mask by Lavera – a brand that sells natural cosmetics, it doesn’t test on animals and offers vegan cosmetics. I actually started of pretty good:) Why?


I found a great mask in my first try!:) Organic mint, mineral clay and dead sea salt PURIFYING MASK. Some stress during the exams changed my complexion and it wasn’t soft and clean as it usually is. I have dry and sensitive skin, so it always responds to the environment and my mood. And I also have to be really careful about the products, because I don’t handle the aggressive ones well.


This mask promises to clean deep down to the pores and reduce skin blemishes. After using it, my skin felt softened, clearer, the complexion more even. There was no itching (which happens often because of my sensitive skin) or any uncomfortable feelings on the skin, but as it does include mint, my skin felt really cold when I was using it, which some of you might won’t like. I really liked that fresh feeling and it woke me up a bit, so for me, it was a plus:D. The mint is also responsible for the scent. It has a strong scent, but to be honest, I liked it. Some might think it is too strong (my mum can’t stand strong scents for example), but if you like them, you will like this one too.

It’s not something I would use several times a week, as it says in the instructions, as my complexion is usually clear, but if you have problems with your skin, it could help you out. I used it only once and it calmed down my skin after some stressful days, it got my complexion in the usual state.I can’t say for sure that it will solve regular problems with complexion (that is just a maybe), but if your skin is tired, if the stress is showing on your face, and your usually good complexion is in a bad state, try this out and it might help you.

Je t’embrasse


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