How to cover up a hickey


This one seemed appropriate for the day after Valentines, when we usually take some more time to spend it with our SO. It’s still covers a problem we have to face it maybe a few times a year and it’s harder in the summer, when you can’t wear a scarf or a turtleneck. They are ways to speed up the healing process but what to do when you don’t have time and you want to cover that love bite/hickey fast? Here, make up is your best friend. And also chokers – this trend has more pros than just looking good. So you woke up with a hickey – what to do now?

First, get your hands on some primer! I used two: complexion primer potion by Urban Decay (to keep the make up on the neck) and Prime and fine Anti-red base from Catrice Cosmetics (to neutralize the redness.


Next up – concealer! I recommend you use a concealer with a thick texture, so you can fully cover the love bite. Make sure you blend it well. I used Velvet Finish by Catrice Cosmetics in shade Velvet Ivory (perfect for pale women). To make the spot a bit lighter, add some white eye shadow (I used Makeup Revolution Iconic palette) with good pigmentation really gently, just a bit to reduce the dark colour of a hickey underneath. For the final touch, I added some powder – also by Catrice Cosmetics (they have really light tones and are not to heavy), and makeup setting spray  – All nighter by Urban Decay (read more about it in my previous post).


To feel more confident through the day and now worry about accidentally scratching your neck and ruining the make up, add accessories. Chokers are the perfect solution, they cover your neck and draw the attention away from darker spots on your neck.


What are your tricks and solutions?

Je t’embrasse


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