Valentine’s Day on a budget


It’s true, us girls like to be a bit spoiled sometimes. Even though we say we don’t need any gifts on Valentine’s day, we know we want them, we just don’t want to say that. And I think most of us like to give gifts too, the only problem with this whole thing is money. Especially if you are in high school or a student, maybe you are looking for a job and you just can’t afford something expensive. Yes, you would love to buy your loved ones everything they want, but that is usually not possible. And I think we tend to appreciate that gifts that come from the heart – in that case the price definitely doesn’t matter. I gathered some gift ideas that won’t empty out your wallet.

Homemade sweets

There is something nice about getting a sweet that someone made especially for you. Even if you cook together every day or every few days, it feels different when your special someone bakes you a cake, muffins, brownies…and I’ll stop now because I’m getting hungry:). Just make something you know he or she loves, maybe try out some valentine’s day decorations – not everything has to be perfect and even if you end up with DIY fail, you will still have a good laugh. If your honey likes savory food more, adapt the plan to salty foods.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I actually made this pancakes for a friend who came for a visit in Slovenia for a week, but still, it is an idea with multiple uses 🙂


Hopefully you’ll get a massage more than once a year:D It’s one of the best things after a long and busy day, or after exercise. But for Valentine’s day, you can prepare a spa-like massage, with some massage oil, relaxing music and scented candles. It’s definitely cheaper than going at a spa, even if you buy candles and massage oil for this occasions. My top picks for massage are The Body Shop beautifying oils (like this one – with special Valentine’s day discount) or Lush massage bars (like this two here and here – I couldn’t decide for one because they all smell so good!).

Handmade gifts

Here, you can take your creativity wherever you want. From handmade wallets to a cute bouquet of flowers (if you live somewhere where it’s warm, maybe even from a garden). Maybe a not-cheesy poem or just a cute card with few nice words. All in all, all we need sometimes is some love:)

What are your plans for Valentine’s day:)?

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