2017 Travel Wishlist


The first month of 2017 is almost over and I’m already thinking about where I would like to travel this year. I would like to say that it’s a realistic wishlist, but it’s actually a product of a daydreaming Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll travel to at least one of these locations, but we’ll see what the time will bring. Even though I would like to just pack my suitcase and go, there are some compromises I have to make with my studies, my job and my wallet. So where do I want to travel to this year (only limited to places I haven’t been to yet – finding extremely cheap tickets to London and spending a few days there has been a constant every year or two :))

  1. Ireland


I’m addicted to beautiful landscapes, cliffs, old castles … and Ireland is a perfect destination for people like me. I have it on my travel wishlist for a while now, but hopefully this year, I will finally visit it, have some amazing adventures there and take a million photos (I can’t help myself:))

2. Portugal


In October, I started learning Portuguese and I think it’s one of the most beautiful languages. And wouldn’t it be nice try out how much I have learn’t in … maybe a year or less? Of course, this is not the only reason – Atlantic ocean, seaside, architecture … Yes, I need to visit Portugal. Probably Lisbon or Porto, and definitely try out pasteis de nata:)

3. Italy – Tuscany


Last but not least – Tuscany. I have been to some parts of Italy already, such as Trieste and Venice, which are actually quite near Ljubljana (you need an hour and a half to get from there to Trieste and two hours and a half to Venice). But Tuscany seems to have the most beautiful landscapes and architecture I have ever seen – at least I think so when I look at the photos. And it’s the most realistic travel wish for this year.

Now I have a question for you 🙂 What would you recommend me to see if I visit any of these destinations?:)

If you are reading this, you probably also love travelling. And that is why you might be interested in something else I wanted to tell you about, especially if you wish to travel around USA. Cotopaxi is looking for their next Road Warrior to travel throughout the U.S. during the 2017 Questival Tour, an adventure race where participants receive a travel backpack and compete in different challenges.If you love the outdoors and camping, are social media proficient, are a great storyteller and ever had a dream of a road trip like this one, this is the perfect opportunity for you and read more here to learn more about it, the skills you need to have and the places you would see … and also to apply for the position:). Not only will you be able to explore the U.S., but you’ll spread Cotopaxi’s mission of doing good and giving back to the world.

Je t’embrasse


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7 thoughts on “2017 Travel Wishlist

  1. Really nice blogpost, I totally want to visit all the places aswell one day and I have been to Ireland last summer and I can only recommend. The wheater isn’t always the greatest but the landscape and everything is so beautiful there, and all the people I met there are all so friendly and open.


  2. Portugal is a must! 😉 I’ve visited Lisbon last year for only 3 days, but can already say it has been definitely one of my top destinations! Amazing architecture, colourful city, people full of life, little streets, .. And not far away from it you can also experience amazing nature, cliffs and so on (Cabo de Roca is just a short drive away) .


  3. You should visit Portugal! Of course I must say that because is my country but it is full of surprises you really should. If want to see more than Lisbon or Porto take a look to my blog, I live in Minho region near Porto, and I try to show locally what we have ! If need some tip, just ask! 😉


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