My experience with gel manicure


Before I decided to get a gel manicure, my nails were in an awful state for a few years. First, I worked in a cafe, then in a store – washing the dishes all the time and carrying lots of boxes around did a lot of damage. Then there was the first year of postgraduate study and along with it came a lot of stress. I changed the field of study and after focusing mainly on design and practical work for a few years, it was difficult to get used to reading lots of books and writing seminar papers. As a result, I started biting my nails and it was almost impossible to make them look decent. Therefore I decided to try out gel nails and see how it feels to have long nails again.

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I decided to visit the Estrada nail studioWhy? Well, I checked out their photos and I really liked them. The nails were not too thick and they looked quite natural. The nail designs were also pretty, nothing too ˝kitchy˝. Of course, they were not cheap. The first visit will cost you 32€ and you will have to pay 39€ for the next ones, or 30€ for a correction. I wore them for 4 months and here are some pros and cons I would like to share with you:

+ Your nails will look amazing! For two or three weeks, you won’t have to worry about your nails. No chipping, peeling or cracking, finally! The nail polish stays on the nails, the design stands out and in my experience, you will get a lot of compliments on your hands and nails. The length and the almond shape made my fingers look longer and more elegant. And your nails look great without applying your nail polish every few days – for me, this was the biggest plus.


My nails after the first manicure – natural, beautiful shape and a bit sparkly (HAPPY PIA:))

+ When you go to a salon where they know what they are doing, the result is great. I was really lucky finding one like this in my first try. Their work is precise, they help you choose the colour and design according to your wishes and (for me) most importantly – they really take care of hygiene.

After three weeks, the nails have grown out quite a lot (eating MSM for stronger nails and hair probably had something to do with it, too), but for me it was to expensive to go back to the salon after such short time. In the photo below, you can see the roots showing and the nails looking quite not as natural as before. There are ways to make the bottom part of the gel nail thinner but honestly, I was afraid I would just ruin the whole manicure.

frey wille bracelets rings

Nails can break, and when they do, it does not look pretty. I broke this one at a festival. It didn’t hurt, it just looked bad, and there was no way I could get it fixed soon. I had the next appointment in a week and I half, so I decided to wait. Nut the difference in length was so obvious that it hurt.


You have dishonored the family!

+/- This one is the length. I really had to get used to it and the first few days I was worried I would break them all the time. Yes, I could decide for shorter nails but the length I had at the beginning was just perfect for me. After three or four weeks, they felt too long. Even though I got really used to them, I still found it hard to open a can after three months.


– The nails after you decide to stop or take a break from the gel manicure. When I decided to give my nails some time to breathe, I didn’t expect to have perfect nails, but still I  had more problems then I expected. The cosmetician shortened my nails, left a thin layer of gel on my nails so they wouldn’t be so soft and coloured my nails with gel nail polish.For a few days, they looked great, but after a week, some of them broke and the gel started peeling of next to the cracks. Looks like my nails were so thin that even the thin layer of gel couldn’t help them. I decided to cut them short and now the process of regeneration finally started to go as I expected, the gel stopped peeling off.

All in all, I have to say I had a positive experience with gel nails and I will probably go for a gel manicure soon again. I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with their nails or just wants a change. But next time, I will be prepared for nails after you decide to take the gel off and I am sure I will know how to handle the problem better.

Do you have any experience with gel manicures or do you wear gel nails? I would love to hear from you:)

Je t’embrasse


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