Freedom Make Up London Lipsticks


You can never have too many lipsticks, right? I always wear at least three shades in my purse everywhere, I just put them in my cosmetic bag (I’m one of those people who carry their hand cream, a pocket mirror and a black eye pencil everywhere, along with some plasters – I’m a clumsy girl:)) and then switch them depending on the time of the year or the occasion. Or sometimes, I just keep adding them until I can’t close the bag anymore and then I make a selection. All in all, I’m definitely a lipstick person. I tried out Lipstick collection Makeup Artist Pro Favorites by Freedom makeup and I have some nice things to tell you about it.


The first thing I liked when I saw the collection was the range of shades. In the collection, you can find anything from nude to bright red and vamp shades. Something for everyone and every occasion. But we all always have our favourites and I would have to say I loved the nude Untouched and dark red True power the most. Untouched is perfect for a fresh and sweet day look, it is natural but not unnoticeable. True power is my autumn party lipstick. I think I wore it to almost every dinner or party I went to last few weeks. It’s just the right shade of dark red lipstick for me. You know how hard it is to find a perfect shade? I have reasonably full lips, but I am also pale and have freckles, so I have to be careful that the lips don’t become to dominant with dark colours, and it’s not easy to find one to fit my skin tone too. If you are pale, with neutral undertone, I would definitely recommend you this.


What I loved about this lipstick was definitely how long-lasting this lipsticks are. I tried all shades on my arm and I used a make up wipe to clean them off later. I took at least two showers and the next day (in the evening!) I could still see a bit of colour where I tried out the lipsticks. Nevertheless, when I wear this lipstick through the whole day (or night) I have to re-apply it once, as it gets a bit lighter after a few hours.

Have you tried any of Freedom makeup lipsticks?

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P.s.: For Slovenian readers: The Freedom makeup lipsticks and other products are available at Lič

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