50 shades of pink


Pink hasn’t been on the list of my favourite colours since I was 12, but this year, pink kind of grew on me.Maybe it  sneaked into my life through some beauty products I loved and soon there was more and more pink on my shelves. And which are the three pink products I would like to tell you about?


Golden Rose Terracotta Stardust

It’s not easy to find a blush that fits your skin tone and I think freckles make this even harder. I got this blush at the Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up and it was just the perfect shade for me. Not too warm, not too cold, and had just the right amount of shine. It gives you a fresh, but not to shiny look and it’s a part of my everyday make up look and it’s making me look fresh and well-rested (along with a concealer) through the week. Golden Rose is a new brand on Slovenian market but it has impressed me with some of it’s products, and important – they don’t test on animals.


Catrice Cosmetics Matt Lip Artist

Matte lipsticks are one of my favourite trends. I always preferred matte – from nails to lips. Of course, I couldn’t wait to try out this lipstick by Catrice in darker antique rose shade.I already have lots of Catrice products – good quality, reasonable prices for a student wallet and they don’t test on animals. This lipstick is really creamy and doesn’t dry out the lips (but still, use lip balm underneath matte lipstick, it feels a lot better). Because of it’s shape, it’s easy to apply it precisely. The only negative thing I noticed is that it doesn’t stay on the lips for 6 hours. After a few hours it loses a bit of it’s colour and gets a bit lighter, but maybe that is just me and the effect would be different on someone else.


s.Oliver for her #themomentisours

My shelves are usually filled with more ˝heavy˝ fragrances, such as  Crystal Noir by Versace or YSL’s Black Opium, but sometimes I feel like trying out something lighter, more delicate. But not too sweet or too flowery. This s.Oliver fragrance is just that. Fresh, sweet, gentle, classic, but something different. Perfect for a day, when you need a softer fragrance to make you feel fresh and feminine. A bit out of my comfort zone but something I think I will use regularly through winter.


Which are your top pink products:)?

Je t’embrasse


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