L’Occitane Arlésienne

Mysterious, bold and elusive Arlésienne represents free and self-confident woman from the south of France.


As you maybe saw on my Instagram story, I was at the second conference of Slovenian beauty bloggers – Beautiful Bloggers Meetup. I will tell you more about it later, but first, I would like to tell you something about the new L’Occitane line – Arlésienne. Thanks to L’Occitane (:)) we got the chance to try out new products before they are available in the stores. Yay! 😀


The first thing that draw my attention was the story behind the line. As described by the creators, Arlésienne is inspired by the desire and passion of elusive muse, whose image is created by tradition, but on the other hand it is completely unique. This woman and her fragrance are one, playing with the contrast between the subtle elegance of the rich floral notes and a velvety aroma of white musk. Diverse fragrance with a special character and depth emphasizes the personality of a woman who loves her freedom. 


Part of its story is the ribbon, worn by women of Arles, a beautiful town in Provence. I got a chance to visit the town 10 years ago, when I was a teenager, discovering Provence with my family, but I didn’t know so much about the traditions of Arles. The ribbon is the central part of their dress and from generation to generation, mothers pass down to their daughters the traditional way to put the ribbon in their hair. L’Occitaine also gave us a ribbon, inspired by Arlésienne line. I used it to create a shape of a stylized flower, as Arlésienne is a combination of three flowers – rose from Grasse, violet from Tourrettes-Sur-Loup and saffron from Provence.


Arlésienne Lip Balm 

There was no real transition between summer and really cold autumn this year in Ljubljana. One moment we were walking around in summer dresses and the next one we started wearing coats and scarfs. The sudden cold was a shock to my body and especially my lips, which are more or less dry in the winter time. This lip balm was the thing saving my lips the last few days. I admit – I can be really lazy and sometimes I completely forget to use lip balm or any other lip care, but this autumn, in this cold, I will have to be more careful. And the flowery scent reminds me of spring on this cold, almost winter days.


Arlésienne Hand Cream

L’Occitane’s hand creams are something that I carry with myself EVERYWHERE. They never leave my bag. I had huge problems with the skin on my hands when I was younger. All through the winter, the skin was dry and also cracked. I wore gloves, I used all kinds of cremes, but it was something that just disappeared with age.My skin is still dry, but in much better shape than it was then. To prevent anything like this ever happening again, I use hand cream almost every day, even  in summertime. One of the ingredients of this cream is also Shea butter, something my skin absolutely adores and needs.

And what is your top product in the cold winter days?

The products from Arlésienne line will be available in worldwide L’Occitane stores and online store from 3. November.

Je t’embrasse


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P.s. Thank you L’Occitane for this USB! It’s just the cutest! 🙂

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