Back to school


The new school year is getting closer and closer. Well, students luckily have one month more, but still, holidays are  undoubtedly coming to an end. The first few days of school are always the hardest but the most exciting – you have to adjust to a schedule, prepare for your classes, but there are no big responsibilities, as you don’t have to study for your exams…yet:). I’m actually looking forward to college this year, because I only have few subjects and master’s thesis left and I plan to enjoy my last two years as a student.

For me, the beginning was always easier if cute things accompanied me to school. That is why this year me and Barbara from First Blue Shoes decided to prepare an Instagram giveaway in collaboration with Babushka Boutique for our followers. We always loved their store and the cutest things we found there, from home decor to handmade jewellery. For this giveaway, we picked 5 items that can make your school year more organised and sweeter.

You can enter the giveaway herehere or here. And what do you have to do to win these lovely things?

  1. Follow @barbykar, @thechocolatemacaron and @babushkaboutique
  2. Tag in the comment at least one of your friends you will spend the next school year with. If you tag your friends below this photo on all profiles you have more chances to win.

The giveaway is opened worldwide and you can enter until Sunday 4th of September at midnight.


Je t’embrasse


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