Summer and Afrodita Cosmetics

Have you ever tried out tanning ˝jams˝, or as we call it in Slovenia, ˝Marmelada˝. I wanted to try it out last year but it was sold out everywhere and I gave up on the search quick. This year, I was prepared and I looked for it in the beginning of summer.

My skin is pale and I have freckles, so I was really careful about using it. My skin doesn’t get burned fast, but a nice tan is also impossible for me. I always wear SPF 30 and even when I used ˝Marmelada˝ by Afrodita Cosmetics, it was no different, as it has no SPF. Through June and July, I used it rarely, but still enough to get some visible effect. I wasn’t expecting a dark tan and I didn’t want it, as it wouldn’t be healthy for my type of skin and I spend most of the summer in the shade. Just some light bronze shade and that was exactly what I got. I’m still pale but my skin now looks a bit more ˝summer-ish˝

My advice? Only use it in the morning (before 10 a.m.), stay in the shade and use an SPF. The skin will still get a nice bronze shade, but your skin won’t get burned. I don’t think that too much tan is healthy and I also don’t like tanning creams. We get burned faster than we did 50 or even 20 years ago and we have to be careful. I still love to spend summer outside and by the sea, but what is important is taking care of your skin along the way. In the summer, I will always get a little tan, but this year, it has a nicer bronze shade. I will probably use Marmelada few times through August and September to keep this light bronze shade until winter.

I would recommend it to people who don’t get burned easily. But only in the morning or afternoon and in combination with SPF cream. You will still get tan, don’t worry. If your skin gets burned quickly and it starts peeling afterwards, I don’t think it would be healthy for your skin to use it. What is most important is listening to your body and skin, taking care of them the way they deserve it.

One more plus: it smells amaziiiing 🙂

We have a little less than a half of the summer still left, let’s use it the best we can:)

Je t’embrasse


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