Summer hair accessories


The festival fashion is a big part of my summer style, not just because I love to visit festivals but also because I adore that boho chic style. Flower crowns and hair chains have completely captured my attention and I found some interesting styles I would love to try out. Last year I bought some flower crowns during the sales and this year, my focus is on all kind of chains.



Middle part hairstyles are a big trend this year and even though I haven’t styled my hair like this since elementary school (I have a photo of 10-year old me with long dark hair looking like a younger version of Janice Joplin to prove that:)) I’m thinking about trying out this trend and styling it with a hair chain. The only problem so far is that most of them have elastic in the back, so I’m still looking for the the perfect one like these in the pictures by @mcfloral and @evegore.




This kind of hair chain was easier to find and now I’m only looking for different ways to style it. My hair are finally long enough to try out some interesting hairstyles and here are my inspirations by @gingernut2115, @picksandtips and @gaemsgirl.



And for the end, some interesting hairstyles with flower crowns by @anaritafrancisco and @styloly. Looks like it’s all about the braids this year:).

Je t’embrasse


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Photos from Instagram by: @mcfloral, @evegore, @gingernut2115, @picksandtips, @gaemsgirl @anaritafrancisco and @styloly.

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