The blue dress


I love that time of the year when it gets warm enough to bring out the light spring/summer dresses. It’s what I feel best in and could wear it through the whole year if it was warm enough here. Well, at least I can wear them from April to October and then they wait in the closet in expectation of spring. I bought this dress last summer during the sales


And I can’t forget about wedge heels. The legs look longer but you still feel comfortable and can walk around normally. The more interesting they look, the better.


The clean blue, black and white combination was perfect for a windy but warm day in April. I wore this outfit on the third day of Ljubljana Fashion Week, so I also had my new backpack with me, perfect accessory for a day when you have to carry a (heavy) camera around but you still want to look stylish. It feels a lot more comfortable than a XL bag in your hands, which can get quite heavy in an hour or even less.


I didn’t feel like wearing lots of jewellery, these little cute earrings were enough for a simple but elegant look.

Dress: Fracomina
Shoes: Bata
Earrings: New Cute
Backpack: AZ by Anja Zupančič

Photos by: Barbara Karničar & Nataša Mernik


Je t’embrasse


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