H&M loves Coachella


This year’s H&M loves Coachella collection is just perfect for me. My hippie soul is jumping up and down right now and my love for festivals grew just by looking at these clothes. Since it’s sunny and warmer day by day, I just had to show you some of my favourite pieces that will hopefully find a way to my closet. This collection really fits my personal style, so I found some of the similar pieces of jewellery and clothes already at home, such as denim shorts and one necklace that resembles the one in the third photo.

Well, I didn’t leave the store empty handed when I saw the Coachella collection for the first time and I already bought an upper arm bracelet … I think I can’t stop there 🙂


Yes, this bracelet. And it my abs will get ready for the summer soon, I think I’ll need that top. Combined with an old pair of high waist denim shorts – luckily I have enough of those.


I think this is the summer of crop tops, and I adore them. And these shoes. And this kimono.


Jumpsuits are also popular this summer, you just can’t miss with an interesting print.


One more combination with this top, as I love these pants and I find them perfect for hot summer days that are too hot for jeans. Let’s be honest, with all that sweat we don’t want our pants stuck on out ass :D.


For the end, the dress that has the highest possibility of ending up in my closet. Can’t wait for the summer to begin!

Je t’embrasse


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5 thoughts on “H&M loves Coachella

  1. I agree the Coachella collection is amazing.
    I literally want to buy every piece.
    Have you seen the printed velvet skirt? It’s stunning.

    nahida t akhtar xoxo


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