One million shades of brown and grey


I really wanted to do a photo shoot here for a long time. In my place, it’s the most photogenic part of Ljubljana, even though it is just an underpass from city center to park Tivoli, which are usually described as beautiful. For me, this place is perfect. And a bit more classy look was the perfect contrast to walls, covered in graffiti.


I wore this dress A LOT through the winter and the same will probably go on in spring, styled with more pastel accessories like this cute pink and violet bag and gorgeous big earring. Yes, I completely fell in love with the single earring trend, firstly – because I often lose one , and secondly – because I like how it looks. With this pair of earrings I stick to the rule: one for day look, both for night look. Can’t miss with that:).


Dress: Zara
Shoes: Mustang
Earring: Katja Koselj Jewellery
Bag: Parfois

Photos by Barbara Karničar


Je t’embrasse


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