Aussie Hair Repair Miracle


Hello after almost two weeks! A new brand came to the Slovenian market a few months ago named Aussie and as always, I had to try out something new. I really liked this one just because of the name and the logo … and today is the perfect day to post as it is actually Australia day :).

Why I like this hair products?

First, their scent is similar to the scent of shampoos in the hair saloon I usually go. Except that ones are more expensive and Aussie is more affordable compared to them 🙂

Second, the shampoo is really foamy. I don’t know why but I really like the foamy shampoos:)

Third, the conditioner is light but great for dry hair.

Fourth, the mask really does miracles. The split ends have surprisingly reduced and my hair really look stronger.

Fifth (last but not least), it’s the perfect combination for my hair in winter time. I’ve decided that I need a change from my bob haircut and I need something to prevent hair damage (if it would make them grow faster, I would like it even more:)) and I’m slowly more and more on the blond side, currently darker honey blonde, which means my hair need good care to keep them healthy and looking great:)


I would recommend this line of Aussie hair products to everyone with dry or even damaged hair, who want soft and healthy hair and want to grow their hair longer (Me! Me!)


Je t’embrasse


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