The streets of Ljubljana

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As I promised, this year I’ll talk a bit more about Ljubljana and other pretty parts of Slovenia worth visiting. I’ll with some photos of this beautiful town that is not as big as London, does not have as many museums as Paris and the buildings are not as high as in New York.

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But it has that special charm. It’s found in the lovely buildings in the old part of town, in cute cafes where you can spend hours talking with your friends, in the castle in the top of a hill in the city center, by the river where the people gather and drink at summer nights.

2015-11-20 08.08.05 1

I’ve been living here for the fifth year now and I’m still discovering new hidden places, cafes and restaurants that have just opened and finding even more places to take photos of:)


I know I usually write about towns and places when I travel, but why wouldn’t I explore what I have near and present some things that I find nice :)? Some of the tips might be useful for everybody – for locals and for tourists. Or at least that is my intention:)

2015-11-30 03.32.17 1

Je t’embrasse


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P.s. Some of the places on the photos (Ljubljana Castle, Tromostovje or triple bridge, Congress Square) are also found on Ljubljana’s first USE-IT map. If you want to now more about these places, you can check the map on this link, or grab one at one of this locations

P.s.2 Current updates on the weather in Ljubljana and new nice places on my Instagram @thechocolatemacaron 🙂

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    1. Hi Isabel 😀 I think I’ following you on Instagram! Of course, it would be nice to meet you, maybe we can talk over the email :)?
      P.s. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been stuck behind books last week 🙂


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