My Favourite Place for a Morning Walk


Most of us love travelling to new places, discovering new cultures and cities, meeting new people. I was always attracted to places far away, somewhere I have never been before and that indescribable desire of extending your travels, leave everything behind and just starting a life somewhere unknown to you. But even though I can’t imagine living in only one country my whole life, I adore Slovenia, discovering its hidden places and even though I have been living in Ljubljana, the capital, for four years now, I think I haven’t found everything there is to see in this small town.

My posts don’t talk often about Ljubljana, maybe I write something from time to time (…once a year:)), which is a shame, as there are so many places interesting for residents and tourists and I would like to tell you about. With a little help from my cute assistant – USE-IT map  I’ve became a tourist in Ljubljana and I hope to show you some nice places I visit on my little travels :).


First, let me tell you a bit about Rožnik. It’s a small hill, ideal for a quick fun, a nice walk, or a talk with a friend. There is  tavern on top with many good foods and drinks and the best – it’s not far away from the city center. Of course, the distance depends on the place where you live or you are staying at, but it’s reachable by feet or by public transport and a short walk from the bus stop to the top.


My recommendation: Get up a bit earlier and go to Gostilna Rožnik for breakfast – cup of coffee, ˝flancat˝or pretzel, fresh air and sunshine 🙂

Je t’embrasse


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