A Creative Workspace For Creative Souls


I may have mentioned before that this year, I’m moving on my own. I spent most of this summer redecorating an old apartment and for the first time, I had no limitations (well, only the finance related ones :)). For the first time, I have no old furniture that the landlord wants to keep, I have no problems with investments as I don’t plan to change the place I live each year that I study … and I can finally have a big comfy bed! More about that later, for now I’ll talk about workspaces. Mine is still in the making, but here is a small preview of my little corner. And along with it, some photos that are currently inspiring me and giving me ideas about what I want my workspace to look like.


My workspace has two big assignments: to inspire me and to improve my concentration. I spend some of my days running around, from college to a drink with friends, maybe some events and sometimes (but less often than I would want to) even to a party. And when I decide to sit at the desk, I need my focus on the mission, whether is reading a book or notes for college or writing a blog post I wanted for a long time. Like this one.


I love white, grey shades, combined with more natural, warm colors, brown, beige, eggshell and many other shades only women recognize 🙂 I’m also a very visual person so I need photos, drawings, quotes, a little piece of paper to write my idea on it. And did I mention a hipster light?


I was inspired to share my workspace ideas, dreams and some little details of my home with you by WeWork, a company that offers shared office space in many countries over the world. Besides beautiful spaces, they also offer different benefits and discounts for people who freelance, run their own business or are thinking about creating a startup. And we all know it’s hard to find a calm space to work sometimes 🙂


Je t’embrasse


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Last three photos by:

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  2. http://piccsy.com/2014/04/fein3?s=rss
  3. http://style-files.com/2014/08/26/a-small-swedish-apartment/

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