Peanut Butter Vegan Brownie Dreams

peanut butter brownies

I think it’s been half a year since I made vegan brownies for the first time. The reasons are usually a party and the fact I have silken tofu in the kitchen that is just before expiry date. Well the old brownie recipe was definitely worth visiting, but I decided for a bit different version than the first one. This one is much more peanut-buttery and it has a really really full taste. Something between chocolate bread and a cup of hot chocolate. These brownies are the only food that includes tofu that made my boyfriend say: You should really make these more often 🙂

chocolate vegan brownies

You’ll need:

1 cup of spelt flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 cup of raw brown sugar
1 bag (one big tbsp) of vanilla sugar
1/3 cup cacao

1/2 cup of margarine
2/3 cup of rice milk
1/4 cup of peanut butter
2/3 cup of silken tofu
1/4 cup of agave or maple syrup

dark chocolate

vegan brownies

Stir the first pile of the ingredients. Put the silken tofu in a blender and add other ingredients from the second pile. Chop half of the dark chocolate you have prepared and mix everything together. Put the mixture in a tray and bake it for 40-45 minutes at 175°C. After the pastry has cooled down, melt the other half of dark chocolate and chop almonds. Pour the melted chocolate over the brownies and sprinkle the almonds over it. Wait for the chocolate to cool and enjoy :).

pb vegan brownies

Je t’embrasse


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peanut butter vegan brownies

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