My Top Three Autumn Fragrances

autumn perfume

Perfumes are probably my favorite thing to buy. You can try them as many times as you want, you can see how they will smell on you and you can be sure you will use it after you buy it. A lot different than buying a lipstick, as I NEVER use testers on my face. Well, autumn has been here for a while now, even though the warm, sunny days make us think differently. Before the cold finally kicks in, I’ve gathered some of my favorite autumn scents, a bit heavier, darker, spicy fragrances. Actually, I love that kind of scents so I usually end up wearing them all year long, even though I’ve been trying to bring some lighter fragrances into my collection during spring and summer. But the autumn and winter perfumes are definitely my area, so here are my top picks :).

versace crystal noir

Versace Crystal Noir

I’ve had this fragrance in my collection since I was 18. Wow, that’s five years! Of course not just one bottle, otherwise it wouldn’t be on the top of this list. It has a floral-oriental scent, with a hint of vanilla and what I like the most, it’s one of those scents that stay with you through the whole day.

shalimar guerlain

Shalimar Ode a la Vanille

You know how you keep coming back to one perfume bottle when you are in a store, you keep trying it out and saying you’ll buy it one day. Until then you are trying out how it reacts with your skin, if the scent changes through the day … and you know more about a fragrance you don’t own than the ones that you do :). This one is a heavy, oriental and strong scent you just can’t miss. Definitely the one for an evening drink on cold autumn nights.

black opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

The first two were classics, this one is a new version of the evergreen Opium. I usually like the darker version of different fragrances and the same happened here, this one is my favorite YSL fragrance yet :). The glamorous look, the glamorous scent for a glamorous night (or day).

What are your favorite autumn fragrances:)?

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