Ready for Halloween

pin up halloween costume
It has been a long time since I dressed up for Halloween. When I was growing up, we had a similar holiday at the beginning of spring and it’s still celebrated all around the country. Halloween came here probably ten years ago and it’s more about the parties that trick or treating actually, carving pumpkins is much more in the foreground than collecting candy :D. But still, we have the Halloween parties! 🙂

pin up halloween

This year, I decided it is finally time to dress up and what a surprise, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco challenged me to show my Halloween party look. It’s a beautiful, classical hotel on the West Coast and, after too much time not knowing what to wear, inspired me to go back in time. I stopped in the forties and turned into a pin up girl for a night.

dot dress

If you still don’t know what to wear this weekend, this is a great but simple idea that won’t cost you too much or maybe anything (if your closet likes that times:)). Dots, hair bands, red lipstick, LOTS of eyeliner … and there are a million internet tutorials so I guess it’s quite a popular look. I’m not good at scary costumes, I smile too much, so this one was the perfect thing for me.

halloween costume pin up girl

Ready for Halloween! Are you going anywhere? Who will you be this weekend?:)

Je t’embrasse,


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